Monday, 10 October 2016

The Opening

Saturday saw the new exhibition open, 'Postcards & Porcelain' from the district.   A large crowd attended the wine bar opening and an appreciative crowd listened to the fitful speeches with appropriate delight.  The idea is simple, John's collection of postcards cover the area and need exhibited.  This meets the need of many who like to see how the area has change, or not as the case may be.  Sadly few cards were posted or indeed developed during the 50's & 60's, those that were are usually rude ones, and the fashion died somewhat.  The postcards still sells but not as it once did, lack of interest, the internet and laziness take their toll.
When I moved away I was told Mum wants to hear how you are so send a postcard.  Mum wishes to know everything but you wish to write nothing so a postcard is ideal.  My sister used to send me one when she & mum and the kid went somewhere, usually a local or funny card with 'We were here today' scrawled on the back.  I received one featuring a picture of the Andromeda Galaxy one day with that written on the back, I think myself they had been in a museum!

Porcelain was used in similar fashion and to a small degree still is, however a wee bit more tatty than before.  There was an amazing assortment of items from teapots to thimbles, tanks and milk jugs available at one time.  There are no people on display but in times past a figure was developed and whoever was making news at the time that figure had his face upon it, even if it looked nothing like him!  Politicians, sportsmen, musicians all were featured often on identical wee men.

I arrived home in time for the football results, not that there were many being the international break, and proceeded to watch Scotland draw with Lithuania in a manner similar to other occasions I have witnessed.  I could have warned of this result before the game but did not see the need, proper Scots were surely already aware of the result before it happened.

So I have returned to my investigations of the dead found in Bocking End Churchyard.  Very interesting to see how one can start with a trade, such as joiner, and become a 'Master Builder,' none of those around today, and die in one of he big houses round the corner, it may of course be on eh built himself!  He left little money but a few years later his son certainly did which tells us something but I wonder what.  The man shown was happily minister of the Congregational church but appears to have died suddenly in a hospital in far of Wimbledon, I wonder why?  Such questions are as yet unanswered but do intrigue.


Jenny Woolf said...

Looks as if you have a really lively museum there. I'd like to see an exhibition like that even though I am not from the area. Unless you have anything about Tolleshunt Major but I undestand the family used to get the horse and trap from Chelmsford not Braintree.
Anyhow it is great to see a museum which interacts with local people, it must do its bit for building community spirit and you reach out to the kids too.

the fly in the web said...

Yes, you get the black arm band out well before a Scottish international match of any kind...
I blame the compulsory singing of 'Flower of Scotland'. - enough to discourage anyone.

Mo said...

I love browsing old postcards and especially reading the comments

Adullamite said...

Jenny, Tolleshunt Major is way to far south for us. Probably come under Chelmsford or Maldon.
This is a good exhibition and those who have been liked it.

Fly, I just switched it off after the second goal, now we have lost another I hear. Hangings too good for them.

Mo, Come & see!

Lee said...

I would hate to lose my remoteS!

carol in cairns said...

Intriguing question indeed about your dead people. I do love sending and receiving postcards, in fashion or not.