Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Life is so unfair!
I had a hard day at the museum today, Kids are on holiday and not only did they come in to join the published activity many came just to get them out of Mum's hair.  In between kids came the Grandparents and lively (very) three year old, people enquiring after things that ended four years ago and one after another for this or for that rushed through the door.  I never got a moment to myself!  It got so bad that I honestly considered locking the door so i could put my feet up but the boss did not appreciate that idea for some reason.
In between the postwoman appeared, I shoved the grandparent I was attempting to get money from aside and raced after her.  I knew she had a packet for me and I was not in, I was here not there.  She knows me and helpfully indicated she had a packet for me, in another bag!  We arranged that I would be at home when she got there around one O'clock and when the time came I rushed up the road slowly in time to find I had missed her.  She must have had an easy day today, not normal on this round I know as I used to do it.  So my packet, the new 'BT Home Hub' for the Fibre Broadband that starts tomorrow now lies in the sorting office laughing at me.  I have to walk all that way for it early tomorrow to spend a day sorting it out.  I realise, as you do, that it normally takes five minutes to sort out but this is me.  I suspect it will not come into operation until about midnight, not that I am cynical!  Bah!  Life is unfair.  (First world problems!)

A large Greek inspired monument to Dugald Stewart (1753-1828) a Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.  His friends created this now soot blackened monument to him in 1831.  The Greek influence of the citizens of Edinburgh was strong and many Greek inspired creations dot the city.  However it was because of the deep intellectual fervour, still found in such citizens, that brought about the nickname 'The Athens of the North.'  Quite right too even if half of what they wrote and said was indeed a pile of cobblers, but it was well thought our cobblers.  The unfortunate influence of Adam Smith on the mad baroness Margaret Thatcher was one lasting legacy of those who resided in the fair city (under the gray clouds).  You can tell that when I took this picture it was summer, the clouds are quite thin and almost, but fail to, let the sun shine through.  I had a better picture than this but somehow I have deleted this.  My life!


the fly in the web said...

At least Auld Reekie produced David Hume...observer of billiard balls par excellence.

Lee said...

It nice to have a nice postman or postwoman. Mine drove his little motor cycle into my yard, up to my back door the other day...beeping his horn to announce his arrival...but I was in the bathroom and couldn't escape!!! But he left the parcel resting on the bonnet of my car which is always parked just out from my back door.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Is that the Billiard Ball above Burtons perchance?

Lee, It helps when you have worked with them, however some new ones are not so helpful.

Suza said...

so beautiful

Adullamite said...

Suza, Thank you, but your pics are so much better.
Try my Photo blog.