Friday, 19 August 2016

The Day Dawns, Followed by Rain...

The day dawned with the sun climbing above the trees bringing a promise of warmth and light.  I looked forward to a day of ease, sun coming in the window as I burnt my breakfast, a foto of birdies squabbling for bread in the park maybe, green grass and blue skies ahead.
My plan was to wander to the museum to obtain three books I need for a gift, I wish I had remembered them yesterday, then wrap and post then wander aimlessly through the day at my leisure.

It is not to be wondered at that withing two hours as I left Sainsburys carrying a heavy bag of reduced price products the sky began to fall on my head.  Gray clouds covered the land, pigeons headed for better roosts and umbrellas began to be poked into passing pedestrians eyes as I trundled down the road passing glaring early morning eyes.
I noted the pigeon wondering why he lived in this country when the weather was better elsewhere and soon he flew off to sit astride a television aerial atop a house over the way.  Surely thought I this exposes him to more rain?  He ignored my thoughts.
In the shop I was attended to by the unsmiling checkout woman, one who often acts as supervisor.
The unwillingness to smile has been her main feature these past twenty years.  On occasions I have considered telling her a joke but feared she may have a stoke or something, so I desist.  Today as I went home I wondered if it would be possible to create birthday cards and the like with 'Grumpy Checkout Girl' on them?  Surely it would be possible to find appropriate reasons for her not to smile at the people around her, which to be honest would not be difficult when the store was busy.
The rain screwed everything but in between showers I obtained the books from the museum and brought them home to pack.  Naturally there are no suitable envelopes in this house, some fool threw the ragged versions out when painting recently, and now I canny get more till tomorrow!  Bah! 

One bright thing the post brought this morning was a CD.  'Ae Spark o Nature's Fire.'  This is an album of Robbie Burns songs in which Jillian Bain Christie, a soprano sings 14 of his best while my favourite, best looking and brainiest niece accompanies her on the piano.  They have just completed a wee tour of the highlands, stopping off at the 'Edinburgh Fringe' to give two concerts, including one in St Giles Kirk, to rapturous applause (at least from the members of the family who went along!).
While there my sister managed to purchase (nothing free with this lot!) two albums and sent one to me!   I await the bill that follows!  Naturally as this is my favourite, best looking and wisest niece this will be a success and a world beater!  However if Clapton releases another album he might sell more...
(I'll have to stop referring to soprano's as 'those screeching wimmen' from today.  The pianist is great however!)      


Lee said...

I hope the CD and your niece do well...I'm sure both will...and you are right in feeling proud of your niece. How wonderful!

There is a woman at my local supermarket who always appears to be grumpy as if the weight of the world and the whole universe is on her shoulders. I'm always pleasant to her and smile etc., refusing to give up in my determination to make her smile. It's been difficult! The rest of the staff at said supermarket are all very pleasant, amicable and helpful. I get on well with them all. They're a good lot.

Finally, yesterday when the above-mentioned woman was the one serving me at the check-out, I once again repeated my similar previous pleasantries. In reply to my asking her how she was...she answered - "I am feeling a lot better now".

I said.."Oh...have you been feeling unwell...I'm sorry to hear that."

Her reply almost laid me in the aisles...she told me she had just had a pacemaker fitted after having defibrillation treatment etc.

So one really doesn't what is going on in the life of others...and/or the reasons for their lack of smiles.

Some showers are predicted later this afternoon...I hope the prediction comes true.

the fly in the web said...

Needless to say Amazon don't have it...
You must be very proud of your niece!

Jenny Woolf said...

There is potential in the idea of cards specially for grumpy check out people. But there'd have to be some for nice ones too. Actually I think I'd be grumpy if I worked on a checkout. It would drive me nuts scanning peoples shopping, I'd start getting obsessed with the stuff people were buying, find myself trying to guess what sort of people they were but never really find out. I'd end up hating them. In fact, I probably wouldn't be so much a grumpy checkout woman but a raving screaming mad one.

It was annoying rain today. Did you find it kept stopping and starting? The minute I put the brolly up it stopped, and as soon as I collapsed the brolly it began pelting. Almost began to think it was doing it on purpose.

Adullamite said...

Lee, My niece is happy they are breaking even, not bad for a first attempt.

Fly, Not yet, but when she is famous...!

Jenny, I think if I worked a checkout I may kill someone. Our museum shop can be bad enough when busy.
Rain here came in half hour periods, usually when I was out.