Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Rubble Trouble

It didn't take long to sort that lot out.  Just the flooring to go and judging by the noise at teatime I suspect that has been more or less lifted also.  In theory the archeological people are now meant to go over the ground in the hope of finding something interesting.  However this part of town has been farmland until the 1800's as far as is known so while there is hope I doubt much will be found in this ground.  If I see them searching I will make sure the museum gets whatever is recovered, not however if it is just stones!  
People here do find things in their gardens.  Iron Age, Roman, Saxon settlements were here and much has gone on since then so it is inevitable things turn up often.  Most once inhabited areas today are either built over or were farmland for about four thousand years, not much hope of the recover of things in those conditions, but the town is always eager to find something!  One day that gold coin hoard will arrive, one day.

What has arrived are new neighbours!  here I am, feeling weary and suffering from something and two young lads, gay boys it appears, are moving in next door.  I am not pleased!  The last thing this building requires is young folks, their noise and disgusting habits.  We old folks prefer our own.  It is at times like this I remember the noise from next door, downstairs, upstairs, round the back and over there, that was London life.  How silent life has been this last year or two with the considerate neighbours, especially the ones in that flat who were never there, that's considerate!  However when people move in I wish to move to that house on an island that is cut off from the mainland by two tides a day.  I suspect that would suit me although no doubt some Essex man would still attempt to land there to annoy me, are shotguns allowed?  The occasional hassles with folks in the past always makes me nervous of newcomers.  For years most of us have got on quite well and new folks always cause problems, sometimes unintentionally and occasionally deliberately.  The good Lord tells me to love them, that is treat them with consideration but I was not in that mood when they appeared today.  Ah well, it will all work for good in the end.  I'm just glad my life is so good at the moment and this disturbs me a wee bit.  It will be OK but we wait on the Lord as we piously say and hope he hears and does things our way and not his, something he is want to do!
Young folks, bah!  

Work tomorrow and the even younger folks are supposedly playing Harry Potters 'Quiddich' (?) game.  That is the game they play in the sky so how the lass is going to work that one out with thirty kids in the hall and not kill someone I await to see.  I will wait at a distance which equals the entire length of the building!   
So far there have been nothing but happy faces from kids and mums and dads, whacking one another with sticks while flying may of course change this...
Then home to growl at the folks next door, eat and fall into my bed until Tuesday.


Lee said...

I feel your pain, your anguish. I don't have nearby neighbours, and haven't done so for the past 14 years since living here where I do. I don't know how I would cope with neighbours with only a wall between them and me. I think I'd have to have a stockpile of ear plugs...and perhaps many appointments with a therapist!!!

the fly in the web said...

No neighbours up here at all...bliss!

Jenny Woolf said...

New neighbours are always a worry. I hope they're OK. My dad found a Roman coin once in a farmer's field, when he was a lad. He wasn't supposed to be in the field, so I don't the farmer ever knew. Dad kept the coin. I asked him exactly where the field was and he said "Ringwood"which is in Hampshire. So any farmers with fields in the Ringwood area might be up for striking it lucky. If you hear any news of it, remember this comment of mine!

Adullamite said...

Lee, I want to move there!

Fly, So good!!!

Jenny, I believe there were many Romans down that way. The bottom half of what is now 'England' soon accepted their ways more or less. Must be a few villas and Roman dwellings to be found yet.