Monday, 22 August 2016

Busy Day

Having wandered around the corner to Tesco's this morning I then spent the entire day catching up on those things left undone that need to be done but can wait until today when they could wait no longer and I undid them, or something.
Indeed I amazed myself with the vast amount of work that has been done today.  I even worked out my money now that I am officially old and understand just how poor I am.  Still in the past I have been on pauper level and now I am merely in poverty, that is a big step forward.  
The electric people, 'EON,'  a right bunch of crooks are demanding I pay an arm and a leg to satisfy their chairman's desire to become a billionaire.  I am now looking for alternative suppliers.  They say there are cheap folks somewhere around but I have yet to find them, maybe I can do so this week.
The next Gas bill will find me dumping 'British Gas' and their grasping directors!  Pity we canny change the water suppliers they are just as greedy.

I almost, but not quite, managed to do some museum work.  Some of those items have been lying around so long the things I wrote have become historical in themselves.  They must be dumped and restarted, all for the better I reckon.  Several years ago I intended, having responded to the 'suggestion,' that one page fact sheets could be produced on a variety of subjects.  I began this and got sidetracked by helping at other exhibitions and sloth.  No need to suggest the main reason.  So I hope to return to this in a few weeks when I cut down the hours spent at the museum.  I will end the Thursday morning and sit at home doing stuff instead.  One day a week at that is enough.  However I note there is a plan in the offing for me and him to work on the website photos, even though we don't know what we are doing!  So I see Thursday not working out even yet.
I need a break from this, I think I will take a break in Afghanistan, it seems to be quieter there these days...



Lee said...

Soft drinks....hmmmmmmmmm....methinks the Scots have been sipping on a bit too much Scotch!

I, too, have a lot of those things that need doing that have remained undone; and they shall remain undone for a little longer if not for much longer. Definitely not today, anyway!

Mo said...

I don't get why we have to renegotiate our utilities every year, a daft system. Why can't they just charge us a fair price and reward us for being a long term customer instead of putting the price up if you stick around.

Adullamite said...

Lee, In Glasgow that is considered 'soft drink.

Mo, Greed! Nothing but greed. Tory ideology regarding privatisation and greed, as they own all the shares.