Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sabbath Musings

At last, and after far too long a break, the football season proper has returned!
The usual start of course, Rangers, the SPFLs friend get an easy start while the Heart of Midlothian play Celtic and then Aberdeen and that one away!  Naturally also today we outplayed Celtic and they steal the game with a lucky breakaway goal near the end.  It was ever thus!  
Also naturally I was informed the game began at three in the afternoon and having been out this morning and rushing home to see the other game between St Johnstone v Aberdeen at 12 I happily drifted into asleep after the game knowing I would miss nothing.  I missed 30 minutes of the referees preference for the visitors as the game actually began at 2:15!! GRRR! It's a disgrace!
Now however as always I am emotionally worn out, I need another rest, my heart has skipped a beat, my nerves are shaking, and my head spinning.  This football wears you out and there is still nine more months of this to go!

Olympics, I really don't care!  The BBC is totally given over to this waste of cash and every channel is full of this extravaganza.
Since Lord Coe in his heedless determination to have a Great Britain football team for the London Olympics that we will still be paying for in a centuries time, since he informed the Scots to 'F. Off! when the Scottish Football Association refused to play ball I have lost any lingering concern for this 'Team GB' an absurd way to describe the team anyway.  There is no 'GB' and there should be no 'Team GB.'   It ought to be called 'Team UK' but because some in Northern Ireland don't like it so that part is omitted to allow them to choose whether to be GB or Ireland.  Yet Scots are forced to be GB, it's a disgrace!
Rarely will I watch any of the late night offerings, most of which will concentrate on England, sorry, 'Team GB' anyway.  I am glad some football will be available to take the mind of things.
It is at least better than tennis!


Lee said...

Unashamedly, I love the Olympics...and I am, and will be, watching as much of it as I can. I'm in hibernation during these couple of weeks of The Games...I love every minute of me The Games are exciting and thrilling to watch. I hope I never become cynical about them...I doubt very much that I will.

I need my eyes to be able to follow it all...perhaps I'll buy myself a few more alphabets! I will be needing to catch up on sleep when it all comes to an end.

It's a shame the only sport you like is football, Mr. Ad-Man..while I need a few more eyes, you need another eye, at least! lol

Adullamite said...

Lee, Go to sleep, it's better for you.

Lady Di Tn said...

For some reason I am not addicted to the games. Maybe it is all the bad stuff I have heard about the country. Anyway if it is on I will watch with gusto but I can go about and not have the urge to just sit and watch. Besides I have way too much to do to watch. I do think those who have trained for so long should be applauded no matter which flag flies for the medals. Go USA. Peace
Btw I loved seeing the Roman walls and would love to see and touch them in person. But I am a wee bit odd.