Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Late Evening

Late last night I slipped out and tried to catch the setting sun as it turned the sky red while disappearing beyond the trees.  Naturally I could not gather the colour of the sky as the trees hid the sun and when I got a decent shot it had almost gone down.  There I was, at nine in the evening, standing among the graves trying to glimpse the last of the sun.  I'm glad no-one was watching.
I doubt I will do this tonight.

This boring picture means little but it speaks to me of the quiet in the evening when most have gone home or are in some building following their passions.  Only a dog walker or two, chasing a ball or stick is mandatory for the dogs here and it keeps the owners fit, a courting couple, I could tell they were courting by her standing there questioning him, and few others were to be seen.  
I am so unused to such sights as I watch too much football!

Another busy day of mums and dads, grans and grandads bringing the kids in for activities or to see the exhibition.  So far it has gone well with few complaints and lots of happy kids, therefore happy older folks day after day.  This week is 'Harry Potter' and some of these kids know all about it, one wee lass had just read in a week an 800 page Potter story!   Whatever you think about these stories it has made many kids read, reading is always good and it is important to make them read more.   
Getting them to put down story books and read proper ones is harder but they can do it.  After a Victorian experience one six year old asked her mum for Victorian books as she was impressed by role playing Victorians, so it does happen. 


Lee said...

I love to see kids of today reading books. I always give books to my grand-niece and grand-nephew for Christmas. I usually give them three or four each...and have been giving them books since they were born. When they were born it was books I gave - nothing quite like starting them off early!!

the fly in the web said...

Super photographs...I like those early evening moments too.

Kay G. said...

I love that first photo, it is really good.
And just wondering, did you look to see if there was a spider web in the corner with the Spiderman display? That would be funny!

carol in cairns said...

Clear skies over Great Britain ~ it must be global warming.
Love the pink sky.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Good, that's the way.

Fly, They are no bad.

Kay, The cleaner ensures there are NO spiders on Spiderman.

Carol, Global warming indeed, it might even be warn this weekend!