Thursday, 18 August 2016

Friday, a Day of Rest

My working week is over and I am glad.  
I appear to be tired all the time and unable to get rid off this latest bug.  It has been hanging around for weeks and still loves me, which is more than anyone else nearby does.   My mind is confused and I made several daft mistakes at work and was glad to get home.  
The day was good otherwise, the kids at the 'Superhero' activity loved it today.  They made a survival kit and this allowed them to use their imagination, which they did, and the mums and kids were delighted with the results of their labours.  The lass and her helpers running it were completely shattered by the end!   I keep out of the way of the actual work at such times.  It is good to see the kids, many are regulars, and we will miss them when they have gone, but as there is yet another week or so until they return to school we and the mums will still be hankering for the quiet times ahead.  
Then we can clear the mess that appears to litter the floor on a daily basis, it's not there when we open!  Being tired and weary today I just ran for home and left others to deal with that for a change. 

I wonder if I will have the energy to watch this weekends football....?



Lee said...

I love that "Old West" on! So original! lol

I hope you're feeling better soon, Mr. Ad-Man. Maybe you need a good tonic to help boost you up a bit....or perhaps a big pot of freshly-made chicken and vegetable soup. If I was nearby, I'd make you a pot so you could sip on in while you're watching your football.

Take care.

the fly in the web said...

I did like 'the old west'...

Adullamite said...

Lee, It was clever that one.

Fly, it meant much to my knees...