Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Routine Tuesday

As expected no-one cared that I was dying after my bike ride.  i did however have to listen to their holiday stories, look at their pictures and eat the Danish (Jam tart) Pastry provided even though I explained about my diet.  I had to listen to worries re the kids event, which were not worries at all as those kids who attended enjoyed it immensely, sell £50 worth of sale goods and survive on one cup of tea only as Peggy ran off to listen to the holiday report and left me on my own.  In spite of this, and the strange creaking from my knees when I stood up, the morning went well bar forgetting to buy ice cream for the girls on my way back.  They will remember that!  

It is interesting to note how little coverage has been given to the recent bomb in the Yemen that has killed between 60-70 people.  The war, between Saudi Arabia and Iran via Yemen, has killed almost 7000 that we know off and has displaced around 2.5 million people.  
Still, they are only Arabs innit?
had such numbers been killed by IS in Belgium or Italy they media would be full of this 'outrage,' crowds would gather in the streets waving the nations flag, that flag would appear on facebook posts and 'fellow feeling' would fill the air.
However it is just that Arab war, innit?
The media, well most of it anyway, are not too keen to talk about this war.  After all we get billions from the Saudi's for the aircraft we sell them let alone the bombs they drop on Shia rebels in the region.  We don't want them to buy French arms do we?  Imagine if the bombs were French, even the left in this country might be less interested!  However the right wing media, which means most of them, are not keen on upsetting the present Conservative government, any cash brought in might help the workers buy those papers.  
This bomb killed mostly those training to fight IS and the rebels, other bombs, from both sides, have killed anyone who was in the way, mostly civilians.  The war in Syria gets lots of mention, the war in Yemen is forgotten.  Maybe Syria would be forgotten if we sold Assad arms?   What?...oh!


Lee said...

And life goes on...and the world keeps turning...

Jenny Woolf said...

I admit I think very little about Yemen, but perhaps that is because I spent a lot of time in Syria. It still makes me cringe to hear about it and think about the places I have been and what has become of them. As you say, we do not realise what goes on, mostly because we simply cannot read everything, I guess.