Friday, 1 January 2016

First Day of 2016

Naturally after the bright sun and blue sky of Hogmany we are waking to Jack Frost lying all over the park.  It appears winter may well have arrived down her at last.  Oh goody.  The wind blew, the rain arrived and I was thankful I need not get the bike out.  My knees rejoiced as we went back to bed.  A little bit of a late night last night.  Not a party around here just me scribbling on this keyboard, tea drinking and lost in thought (a dream actually) when the fireworks went off all around.  Suddenly I was in a new year.  
I fell asleep.

The lack of news allows any disaster to fill lots of airspace and this fire was a disaster indeed.  Quite how no person was injured is amazing but it does leave the sense of impeding danger in all these ludicrous tall buildings.
Dubai is a place that inspires nothing in me.  A desert with vast skyscrapers filled with the rich.  Not my idea of fun.  The fact that they ran out of cash to complete the building of the fancy plans leaving vast numbers of unfinished dwellings does make a grin appear I must say.  Who goes to such places? Celebs, football players and people with too much money or those wishing to mix with said celebs.  For what?  The heat makes it difficult to stay outside, inside it is filled with windowlickers chasing fame or famous people wishing to be seen.  Everything costs the earth, including the sand which has to be imported for the building works as the local sand is not of the right texture.  Play with your woman on the beach and the religious police lock you up, drink there and they beat you, stay indoors and meet empty people chasing empty people.  If I was there I might light a fire also.

 What is it with people and 'selfies?'  This Christmas & New Year facebook has been awash with selfies and retweeted selfies all comprising people with faces far too close to the camera making folks like me who see them for the first time think Halloween has returned.  It is not as if they are good pictures, although some of the young bits of fluff come out well, faces distorted by the angle and too close to the camera (sorry.... phone) and Mr & Mrs look like a freak show lost from Chippendale's Circus.  There appear to be vast numbers of folks who have spent the entire last few days taking shots of themselves and posting them on the web.  
Have someone take a pic from six feet away and make you look human next time!

The day like me is done.
In England people are looking forward to bed and the weekend.  In Edinburgh and Scotland in general the celebrations continue, somewhat lessened but in similar fashion.  In this house I might manage a toddy later.

I hope this year brings good things to all of us.  We have all had bad things last year let us hope for good things this time around.  I hope my company of worldwide friends can enjoy all good things and good fortune during the coming days.

"May the Lord bless you and keep you, 
may he make his face to shine upon you 
and give you his peace."



Lee said...

It pleases me to learn that you won't be changing during 2016, Mr. Ad-Man...other than your clothes periodically, of course!

I have no desire...nor do I have the means and even if I had the means, I would still have no desire to go to Dubai or similar such places.

As for selfies...I have no desire to take them, either...even if I did have such a device for taking selfies, which I don't. I even stand six or more feet away from a mirror...or, in most instances...steer clear of them, too!! There is enough scary things in this world as it is without me adding to list!!!!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

We have been wondering if there were any casualties to the Dubai fire. For neither one of us can recall hearing anything in any of the newscasts we have seen. Operators of other skyscrapers should take lessons. For all of the interviewees I remember hearing from were glowing in praise of how organized the evacuation was.

carol said...


Adullamite said...

Lee, Sadly I changeth not.

Jerry, According to the media there were 16 injuries, no deaths. However I have not looked into the organisation of the rescue.

Carol, So be it.