Friday, 8 January 2016

Nothing Friday

Nothing happened.
I dreampt I was being besieged by an angry Boxer dog last night and was pleased to escape it by waking.  I failed to waken after this until almost 8:30.  That shows how hard I worked yesterday.  Having looked for people who leave only a badly spelt name and finding little about them I have done nothing else all day.
A wander a couple of times through the town, no fotos to be seen, and a wander back again disappointed was my lot.  Had it not been for the chatting up the lass in Tesco the whole day would have been wasted.  
Now I look to blog when nothing has happened, the town is the same as always, darkness falls early, I have no energy to go anywhere, and life continues in the mundane mould?  Where is there inspiration in this?  
I could discuss the two up and two down little houses that were erected around the late 1870's up 'Sunnyside' and let you know that the first dwellers therein could male use of the water pump found next to Number One, but that may not interest you.  Having been inside one some time back I can tell you the walls are too thin, not a problem then although most contained families of six or seven plus occasional lodgers!  I suspect noise was a problem even then.  One has a deep hole in the back garden this the remains of an 'Anderson Shelter' built during the war.  It had been covered up and was found by accident by one of the people renting there.  There must be many such holes across the nation like this.
Holes in the ground was a war happening.  It was Spike Milligan in his book 'Rommell, Gunner Who?' In which he tells of his experiences during the war as he raced slowly across North Africa chasing Germans.  He mentions standing in a hole on guard one night pondering the vast number of men also sitting or standing in holes in the ground all across Europe, Africa and the Far East.  Millions of men like he were doing their duty although he was possibly the only one having officers point and laugh at him as they left the mess late at night.  How lucky we are to no longer send young men into holes in the ground so we can sleep in peace.
There are holes in my teeth also and the dentist was champing at the bit to extract the big wisdom tooth at the back that broke up some years ago.  The NHS must pay him a decent amount for that!  However it bothers me not, all the nerves were bust long years ago by an Aussie dentist, and I am content with it at the moment.  Such a good dentist but he might not sleep if it does not get done next year.  
Local papers are often full of holes.  Small meaningless stories made to be great headlines.  This week however we saw a good one.  A woman received a letter from the DWP informing her that she was not sick enough to receive benefits.  On the day the letter arrived she died.
This has happened so often under this Tory government, it is difficult to know how many times as correct figures are hushed up but possibly up to twelve thousand people have lost their benefits because they are not 'ill enough' and been dead within a week or two.  If you are Amazon or Starbucks or Vodafone you can dodge billions in tax revenue but if you are just another cog in the wheel this government will chase you to death.  Soldiers die from abuse and lack of care as well as faulty or inefficient equipment, patients are allowed to die slowly in hospitals, social workers fail to care for so many needy who are injured or die and yet nobody cares.  The secular money chasing world has lost compassion, only politically correct ideas can be cared for and if you don't fit then it is not good for you.  We kill children in abortion and hate migrants flooding the land, we can hate paedos and Muslims but so many other wrongs are not just accepted they are positively encouraged. No wonder people are confused about life.
The weekend is here, I can tell by the long line of cars outside my window.  Rush hour on Friday begins about 2:30 as folks race slowly for home, to the supermarket, to collect the kids, to beat the rush and find themselves in the rush.  A weekend of bad television, good cup action and drinks all round for some.   Hopefully your weekend will be worthwhile, enjoyable and make you happy.


Lee said...

Fraught Friday! Better than Freaky Friday, I guess!

Let's hope you have a Satisfied Saturday; and a Sunny Sunday with a Banana Sundae thrown (gently) into the mix!

the fly in the web said...

I remember my mother and her mother talking about the days before the NHS...about the despair of the workhouses...and here
we are again!
Deliberately impoverished by government policies and attacked as scroungers while the real scroungers run off with public money in the millions.
Could I send you a dream of one of my two pit bulls to chase off the boxer?

Kay G. said...

Just look forward to your long sunny days in the summer, right?
I don't envy you how early the dark comes. I remember, I quite liked a bit of GINGER WINE. I remember the ad said "It is what winter was invented for"! HA! I am sorry, I have a TV brain, don't you know.

Adullamite said...

Lee, I have had a very satisfied Saturday.

Fly, Thatchers wish was a US style NHS and t is coming.

Kay, I can understand you liking Ginger wine!!!

Strawberry Girl said...

Very interesting thoughts, thank you for sharing them.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I realize that I am probably standing upon shaky ground here, but it is a source of great irritation to me when blog is used as a verb--such as in the first cartoon. Of course, my use of a grammatical term may be inaccurate, but does a newspaper columnist wait for something to newspaper or even column? No, the columnist waits for something to write! Now, writing is indeed a part of the entire blogging experience, but it is just plain wrong to me to hear of someone sitting down to blog about something. Yes, it is arguable that when someone writes something in their journal that they are doing some journalling, but how often have you heard it said that someone went to their room to journal? Yeah, I really do need a life.