Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Eating Well & Donald Trump

I tried this eating well business again yesterday.  Lots of green stuff, lots of healthy ingredients, lots and lots.  Today I have been rough because I did not eat enough carbohydrate, that's chips to you!  The body needs a plate of chips with everything, at least mine does.  I was choosing carefully yesterday all the right things, I forgot we need some chips to go with it. 
Today as I struggled to comprehend the words on the laptop it struck me the reason was feeding myself badly.  All this health nonsense is just nonsense if you don't have the right balance, I had no balance whatsoever yesterday, although lots of green things must be good for me.
I've had none today.
If my limited mind is to work tomorrow I had better eat something more filling and full of brain energy.  Home made curry and chips.  No wonder I'm unhealthy!

Now here's a thing, using CC Cleaner to clean the slow laptop I note it tells me Internet Explorer has thousands of temp files upon it, this surprised me as I never use the thing!  Is Bill Gates using it for me I wonder?  Can Microsoft be trusted? 
Anyway the brute is still slow, all that can be removed is or will be removed, everything that can be run to clean and search has been bar a boot scan, and still it's slow.
Maybe of course it is just me that is slow and the machine has come down to my speed.  

Well Donald Trump has guaranteed success with the arrival of one Sarah Palin!  As I awoke this morning I heard her screeching voice yelling out to the world that Trump would be the next President of the United States.  I fear I let out a rude word and not just because her screeching was doing my head in either.
Goodness gracious the woman who wanted to do something about South Korea, like invade or nuke it, is now working for Trump.
Had this happened in the UK or Australia or Germany we would all laugh and ignore them.  However this is the USA, these are Republicans, these are not normal people.  I keep thinking of MacArthur.  This general was responsible for much in the past, intellectual understanding was not one of the things however.  During the Korean war he was informed China did not want an American army on its doorstep he quickly found a solution - 'Drop and atom bomb on Peking and Shanghai.' 
Truman sacked him instead.
Back home he attempted to become president, he had trained for this by ruling Japan like a King for long enough, and he received much support from the ancestors of Trumps followers. However he lost out and disappeared into obscurity.
We must hope that sufficient Republicans vote for one of the other losers and that if Trump wins the nomination sufficient Democrats and Republicans vote for Hilary.  She may not be great but she is not Trump.
Just remember the UK voted for Cameron, anything can happen in politics.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

rump and Palin are better taken with a high fiber diet. In regards to MacArthur ruling Japan like a king, he was certainly a benevolent one and roundly criticized by hardcore conservatives in this country for treating the Japanese people with respect instead of a firmly planted boot on the back of their necks. Nonetheless, his ego made Patton and Montgomery look like very humble men.

Jenny Woolf said...

Sometimes chips hits the spot. Baked potatoes have less fat. I like the skins and try to eat them with beans not cheese otherwise they're probably worse than chips.
Liked the pair of photos at the end!
As for Palin and Trump, it's enough to give anyone nightmares.

Lee said...

Now they can both see Australia from their front verandahs!

Mike Smith said...

Scotland didn't vote for Cameron. England did.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Patton & Montgomery humble, a phrase never used before!

Mike, Glad you pointed this out!

Lady Di Tn said...

Oh my you poor darling. I think the best thing is Moderation in all things but especially eating. If you deprive oneself the food object begins to haunt you. Whereas if you eat a little it will satisfy.
I guess I will have to vote for the less of the two evil top running for President. Needless to say it will not be that lying b---h Hillary. It has now been in the lesser news as no one wants to rill her wrath that she let the SAP secrets out in her e-mails and General P told only his mistress but he was sacked and so should she.
At least someone who has been a General or served in the military would know how to be Commander and Chief. Not like big ears who has never had a private job and showed very publicly his disdain for the military in his first years. I cannot wait until that guy leaves the White House. He has set racial strife back hundreds of years. I guess he forgets he is half white.

Adullamite said...

Lady, Hilary for President!!!!!!

Lee said...

God help us all if Clinton gets into the White House!!!!

Adullamite said...

Lee, Clinton is great!!!!!!!

Mo said...

Try defragging to speed things up on the computer.

As for Trump, the scary thing is the propaganda linking all refugees to terrorism makes the Trump/Palin creepiness something we ought to worry about. After all Hitler was voted in. A world run by Trump and Putin sends a shiver down the spine. I think I'll join the volunteers on the one way trip to Mars.

Adullamite said...

Mo, Trump will not get in, but if he did we would all be on the way to Mars.