Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dreich Day

A dreich day indeed, wind blowing rain appearing and nothing happening but routine housework - much of which is still undone.  However the day was enlightened by the news that a judge has ruled the 'Bedroom Tax' imposed on the poorest as unlawful!  How good of him!  This pernicious tax, a tax paid by council tenants on each bedroom that is no longer occupied by a family member.  It goes without saying the poorest, often aged parents, were the ones hardest hit.  Now this disgraceful tax has been dealt a blow and I wonder if those who have paid will get a full refund and those who have been forced into other, often less suitable accommodation will receive compensation.  Certainly there is a lawyer somewhere sharpening his pen looking for a client.

Another 'major' story is the one where a headteacher has banned parents from bringing children to school while wearing night attire.  It appears this is what 'slummy mummies' do today.  Somehow I cannot help feeling that something is wrong when mothers care so little about how they dress that they regularly fail to be dressed when taking kids to school - if indeed the wee brats need a mummy to accompany them by that age.  My mother would not have held in high esteem any women so thoughtlessly dressed, indeed she would have considered them in need of care.  
Naturally in today's world some have arisen offering support claiming a mum has the right to do what she wishes.  True, but it is better if she wishes to use her brain and bring her child up properly and not like a lazy slapper, innit? 

Andros Townsend has left Tottenham Hotspur to play for Newcastle United.  Newcastle have agreed to pay some £12 million for his services and one paper claims the player now increases his salary from £20,000  week to £55,000 a week.  Is this a sign of desperation from Newcastle or just realism as whoever they buy will wish for similar amounts?

Claude money spent over ten years painting this mural, an image of his garden and it is a colossal work.  It is being put on show at the Royal Academy of Art in London and in my view it is a con.  Art is of course a con, almost all art is about making a name for yourself and lining your pockets, you know the type of 'artist' I refer to.  
Another is putting on show stuff like this while people pander to the 'in crowd' by speaking in hushed tones of the 'light' the 'handicraft' or the quality of the art.  Total cobblers!
Someone somewhere wishes to pay several billion for this and store it in his house and boast to his friends that he owns it, Putin probably, and jealous friends will gather round to view the painting in secret and be part of the 'in crowd.' 
Me, I think it boring and a dull background in a large hall but nothing special.
People however will queue for hours to spend vast sums staring at this.



Mike Smith said...

Townsend played against Hearts in the Europa League at White Hart Lane a few years back. As did a teenage Harry Kane.

the fly in the web said...

When you think of the scam run by Saatchi -making a market on his stable of 'artists' with the help of the art establishment - and the mysterious fire at the warehouse housing the duds that even his snake oil charms could not shift...
He almost deserved Nigella....

Lee said...

No wonder so many of today's younger folk have no respect for themselves or for others when they're raised by parents who have none themselves.

As for some of the "art" that is classed as "art" me it's just pretentious nonsense created by pretentious folk pretending to be intellectuals!

Adullamite said...

Mike, Ah yes I remember Townsend looking quite good that night but Kane was clearly held under as I remember him not.

Fly, What a punishment! A friend very into art went round that exhibition and thought it a waste.

Lee, Pretentious, that is the word. It's a shame others with talent, and they exist, get pushed aside.

Mo said...

On the subject of art, this is where we differ. Art has a very important role in challenging the status quo and bring taboo subjects into public debate. Monet's water lilies look beautiful in the room he actually painted them for. How they will look in a London gallery I don't know but that was not what he intended. The second piece of art speaks volumes about how women are too often viewed. And would very likely cause outrage in many places.

As for leaving the house in pyjamas - we are in total agreement here. I just don't get why anyone would even think of leaving the bedroom in such attire.