Thursday, 21 January 2016

Global Warming, Birds & Putin...

It's a funny thing this weather.  Today we waken to frozen fields, ice hanging on everything, windows struggling to open, cars covered in frost, a typical winter type day.  Facebook has offered me one of those 'memory' posts where they gave me a picture from three years ago, there a local foto showed snow thickly falling and I considered the weather today warm in comparison.  January after a mild November/December sstill not covering the nation in the depth of snow we expect reflects the reality of global warming.  I wish it would increase the heat around here mind.  
The point I am forgetting to make is that while we have Jack Frost leaving white fields I found the bird feeders I filled yesterday completely empty.  The birds, Starlings, Blue Tits, Sparrows and pigeons of various sorts have spent the day stuffing themselves because they think it is breeding season!  I filled the two feeders with small suet/mealworm pellets and all day the brutes have been hammering away at the thing swinging it back and forward banging on the wall keeping me awake.  
The seasons have fooled the birds and I suspect this will have a result, possibly detrimental, in days to come.  Young birds may face one of those snowfalls just as they begin to fly and this could kill them.  We will wait and see.

So Putin has arranged for the murder, with polonium laced tea, for the Russian, British, Spanish etc spy Alexander Litvinenco.  Naturally the Russians know nothing about this and wonder what the problem may be.  Of course it was not Putin, lots of spies carry polonium in the pockets to use when confronting people they wish to eradicate.
Now lets think about this.  David Cameron and his friend George Osborne have a terrible habit of licking the Russian backside as the Russian's with large amounts of rubles tend to launder their dirty money through the city of London, local football teams, and other enterprises.  Many have spent big on million pound houses, other infrastructure has gone into their care and if we upset them they might move the cash to Germany, France or Italy and that would not do.
On top of this we have the Iraq/Syria/ISIS problem where the Sovie Russians are dropping bombs carelessly around that region.  What if they got annoyed and accidentally wiped out both our planes?  
So Dave and his minions have to work out how to slap Putin down without causing a war, hot or cold, and keep all their cash in our hands.  Putin must be sniggering at them both.  He may be a Mafia type gangster caring only to run Russia for he and his friends but there is no competition when it comes to playing with Cameron & co.  He is well above their league.  There is little chance much will be made of this, I suspect a withdrawal of some from the embassies and newspaper shouting and all will be forgot.


Jenny Woolf said...

Is the photo one you took today? It is a pretty place, but if so, I am glad we were not in Essex for our country walk today, it was cold enough as it was, without frost as well!!

I do find Putin very frightening. The whole world is full of frightening people, but I suppose it always was. I wonder if we are thinking about them more or whether some aspects of the current situation have just spooked everyone. There is something so specially horrible about Daesh, I think, it gets me in the way that Putin's unreconstructed cold war antics don't quite do, even though he is probably just as dangerous if not more so.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

When you take away a person's right to bear arms, radioactive materials fill the void.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, London always avoids the worst but the temp dropped to - 2.
Putin is a bother but there is always a bother somewhere at all times.

Jerry, Pah! You are another Trump!

Mo said...

A slap on the wrist after 10 years. Pussy Riot has done more to protest against Putin than Cameron and his lot ever will.

Adullamite said...

Mo, Cameron will never oppose a man with money.