Monday, 25 January 2016

A Sign, A Cloud, An Aussie and a Bard

As I walked into the somewhat murky gardens this afternoon I noted this sign glaring at me and I wondered about common sense and stupidity.  It has not been raining today but the are has suffered somewhat from this recently and the grass and grounds will be damp.  However I wonder at the requirement felt everywhere these days to inform people about the need to be careful when walking on damp areas.  Some of us learnt when young that rain could make areas slippery and we now wonder about those who feel they need to be informed of this at the age of maturity (I use that word loosely) so as not to endanger themselves.
MacDonald's have to put 'This Coffee is HOT' on their cups because some people complain when spilling it on themselves that the coffee burnt them, almost all packets carry the word 'This could contain nuts' because some are too stupid to check (this includes packets of nuts!) and on the bottom of some cake packs are the words 'Do not turn upside down.'
Common sense has been lost in the drive for cash.  The need for companies and anyone involved with other human beings to protect themselves from spurious (and often victorious) legal actions leads to needless signs littering the world.
I just hope no blind person falls over it!

Here is a fantastic advert for Australia Day 
sent to me by a young lady you will enjoy this!

All morning, when I was hoovering, researching and generally not getting out, the sun shone brightly on those walking the streets and above the clouds made way for blue skies and bright shining silver aeroplane's heading for brighter climes abroad.
When I got out this afternoon the sun hid behind clouds and these glowering brutes began to cover the earth and they followed me as I prowled wandered around on my constitutional.  Here at least I met another retired postman who has reached 16 stone by sitting around too much.  When on your feet and wandering the streets come rain or shine weight is not much of a problem however a sedentary life leads to fat people.  He has lost 9 pounds since Christmas by using a healthy diet, I am starting to do similar but not quite there yet.  However I am stuffed full of salmon and veg (with rotten chips) and have already this week failed to lose a pound!
Next week maybe...

Today is Rabbie Burns birthday.  It is unlikely he will join us as he died in 1796 but he left behind lots of poems and songs all of which make him the greatest of all poets and songwriters.  This is one of his best songs sung as it should be and you will enjoy it - or else I will come round!


Lee said...

Our Aussie Day ads are always a lot of fun...but this one, this year is a real beauty! (It upset some of the politically-correct, lacking-a-sense-of-humour vegans....poor dears. They had their little whinge about it, but no one took much notice)!

In honour of Mr. Burns I'll read some of his poetry today.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

A good laxative would help with your weight loss (not to mention your demeanor).

Dave said...

Unfortunately we live in the age of litigation and the law requires someone to be held responsible. Years ago the onus was more on the individual taking personal responsibility but now it has changed to, "well you didnt tell me that". In our cycling club which is basically a group of friends riding together, we have to take lots of actions to ensure that members are made aware of dangers etc, even down to risk assessing rides. Its crazy, but legally it has to be done to cover ride organisers, and the example I use to keep me going is that what if someone had an accident and was unable to work and pay bills etc, and a court case ensued then friendship would probably go out of the window. Its the world we live in.

the fly in the web said...

Barbecue a vegan for Australia Day.

Great video!

That song was a favourite of my grandfather...but I think he had a tune that differed from this.

Costa Rican law thinks you should use your eyes and your common sense.
What,you tripped on the pavement in San Jose? It's San Jose, what did you expect? Case dismissed.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Careful when cutting lettuce as it might scream!

Jerry, my cooking already handles this.

Dave, That's very sad making a cycle club go to that bother.
Personal responsibility is going.

Fly, Barbecued vegan sounds interesting! Costa Rican law sounds good!!