Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The View

The view from my window at work as the sun was going down behind the Library.  Quite why it wishes to land there I am not sure but it appeared to have little effect on the temperature which remained lower than Edinburgh's all day! Having sat all morning in the museum attempting to inform my little mind on the history of 'Hicks buses' as few people chose to enter the shop this morning I was enlightened at the last minute that my replacement was once again not turning up. Typical woman!  Probably having her hair done I suspect.
So I remained at my post all day, slogging on with my book work interrupted only occasionally by visitors.  January is a quiet month as we are all money starved.  Bills arrive from the gas man, sleekit faced as always, the result of Christmas shopping pops through the door, and cash in hand is sadly not in hand after all so not much sales to be expected anywhere I say.  Mind you the suffering supermarkets, grumbling about falling profits, are still crowded and their prices still appear to rise, usually alongside large signs indicating how many prices have been reduced!  
One interesting happening was listening to one of the boss women talking on the local radio station. She was there to discuss our upcoming WW2 event and asking for peoples to come forward with their stories. This is one thing local radio is indeed good at, alongside traffic/rail reporting.  However we had to endure that banal music loved by such stations, if I have to sit through Cher one more time I may say something on their website that they will notice, and while we waited for the news, the informing us of what's coming up later, another bouncy empty song, and more info we were eventually allowed to hear the tale. This station is very much loved by the type who read and believe the 'Daily Mail.'  UKIP now has a large following here, because of all the immigrants, however we don't actually have that many but the media informs us they are everywhere and folks believe it!  
I suspect we will get lots of info from this so the short appearance will prove beneficial and I look forward to the work offered, as she is doing most of it, not me!



the fly in the web said...

Whence the perceived need to assault our ears with mindless music before every radio programme - and, indeed, within them.

Look out for yourself if they're hunting down immigrants....

Jenny Woolf said...

What a beautiful window! and the butterflies too.

I hope the radio progrmame will bring more people in to the museum.

Lee said...

Put your ear plugs in and just look at that lovely window and the view beyond. You might even catch a glimpse of that woman passing by who has just had her hair done. if you're lucky; and then. you could be even luckier and get to see her once more when she goes back the next time to have it done again.

Don't move from that window, Mr. Ad-Man! ;)

Adullamite said...

Fly, A lassie asked me yesterday if that was an 'Essex accent' I had. I just said 'Aye.'

Jenny, No idea where that picture came from but it was moved to the window recently and is marvellous when the sun is low and shines through it.

Lee, The chances of seeing women coming from hairdressers is high as there is about a hundred within a mile here! have they nothing else to do?

Lady Di Tn said...

Cher music!!!! Too bad having a beer is not appropriate as that is the only way to listen to her. I admire the view of your window and the stain glass is beautiful even if distorted by the sun. However, those butterflies would have to go. I do not like anything on my window panes. As for getting one's hair done, I am going today. LOL Peace

Adullamite said...

Lady, I must admit Cher would drive me to drink! She and her mother were on a TV programme years ago and the mother was worse than she!