Monday, 19 January 2015

Monday Meandering

In light of the Islamist extremist lot that bothers society so much our government, through cabinet minister Eric Pickles, wrote to all the Imams and Mosques asking (telling?) them to stand up against the extremists.  What the letter actually said I did not bother to read but the Imams and Muslim leaders were not very happy.  In their eyes they were being blamed for extremist action and this they did not like.  Now we know some mosques have indeed seen speakers who ought not to have been allowed but the tactlessness of the letter shows a lack of understanding of the Muslims among us.
The PM has of course stood up and supported Pickles letter (after all he probably thought of it) and finds it difficult to accept the objections.  Could this be he does not understand where most Muslims are coming from?  Could it be that Teresa May, the Home secretary, announcing to a Jewish meeting that this country needs Jews to remain here and not run off to Israel, has a part?  A cynic, and I am no cynic as you know, might read all this as a 'telling off for the Muslims' to get the Jewish vote, and the Jewish vote in North west London is huge!  Tsk!  Imagine the PM playing politics with Muslims who mostly vote Labour.  Who would have thought?

So loud announcement from British Gas that they will reduce their prices by 5 percent.  Brilliant!
Of course this will happen at the end of February when the cold weather ends. Brilliant piece of theatre from the lying money grabbing crooks that they are.  I particularly liked the stone faced spokeswoman who when asked why not reduce prices straight away like EON did last week she immediately talked about the overall average reduction and ignored the question.  
We must nationalise these energy companies, no matter what!  We are being ripped off, the energy world is a mess and the public suffer.  There is no other way than nationalisation, but this will never happen!   

So I got a message today from BT on the ansafone about my account.  I had to phone them and undergo a female Scots voice giving me the runaround for a while before there were no staff available to take my call.  I decided to call later.  I called later, and after one failed attempt got through to a charming chap who told me the thing needed reordering.  This he did and on Feb the second it will all change.  Talk Talk will be out and legal Scots football will be in!  
Unless something goes wrong!



the fly in the web said...

Vital industries should be national property....not the plaything of mostly foreign companies...

Lee said...

Stuff the extremists, I say.

These dropkicks use our belief in freedom of speech to spruik their evil. Because freedom of speech is allowed in our country (and other countries in the free world) they get away with their nonsense. It is wrong that they do!

They abuse the freedom our country and yours that llows them to spew their misguided beliefs in wanting to turn our country, Australia and the UK, each into a country where freedom of speech will not be allowed; where democracy will be destroyed.

I hope they round up all their like-minded fools and take them with them back to the countries from whence they came...where freedom of speech is not allowed; where democracy does not exist. Just go away, the lot of them...leave us alone.

Wake up all of those in power in this country and in the rest of the free world...use the power we, the people, gave our elected representative when we voted for them - a right we have and a right our forefathers fought for - before it's too late. In many areas it's probably already too late.

And let's get real, speaking for my own country...true blue Aussies don't dress in that ridiculous gear! Put on a pair of board shorts or budgie smugglers...a pair of stubbies!

I will believe in who and what I choose to believe in...not what they - you know who I mean - want me to believe in. Let them stick to their own belief and side of the fence; and I will do similar!

I will not be told what to do; how to think and feel by those people. I believe in the rights of the individual; I believe in the right to be free and to be free in a democratic society.

I shall now dust off my soap box and put it away...for now.

Mike Smith said...

What could possibly go wrong with BT...?

Adullamite said...

Fly, Absolutely!

Lee, Don't get too excited. Don't let this irk you. The authorities can handle it sensibly.

Mike, NOTHING, absolutely nothing!...Maybe....

Lady Di Tn said...

No I take it back please stay on your side of the pond. Nationalization is not the answer but I am afraid I do not know what would be. Again, the working of your mind is always entertaining. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lady, nationalisation is the way forward. People working together for the good of one another is the only way to enable each individual to develop and be the best they can be.
That is the Christian way and I support it.