Friday, 23 January 2015

A Slur Has Been Received

Lee, who shall remain nameless, has slurred manhood by insisting men cannot multitask.  This slur is often offered to the main sex by woman, especially women who fail to finish any job they are given to do.  This needs examination.
Let us consider Mary.  Mary was a lovely women I worked with some years ago. Her popularity was based on two things, her playing the agony aunt for the girls and her inability to refuse any request that came her way.  
It was common, far too common, to enter the office and find a conversation in hushed whispers, as hushed a the female psyche can manage, concerning the man in the lassies life.  Rarely did the talk centre on world politics, football, climate change, Wittgenstein or such like, it was always her failure to understand him, and it was his fault!   One occasion saw the door burst open and a just twenty something  flew in, "Mary! Mary! I've got a spot!"  
My contention that this was larger than her intellect did not ease her panic.  This girl eventually left to make money as a self employed dressmaker, hmmm.  One day the flying door flew almost of the hinges as the receptionist stood in the door in the full flush of victory.  
"Mary!  It is true, it says so in this magazine.  If you have flowers in the room when you are pregnant the baby will be born with no sense of smell!"  
The door then shut and we sat and stared at one another, before the giggles set in.  We dared not enquire as to the magazine.
Mary however successful as an agony aunt failed however, as women do, with the multitasking requirements of the day.  Job 'A' would arrive and kind Mary began the work.  As she did so job 'B' would be offered to her and she would turn her attention onto that job.  In the middle of this Job 'C' would arrive and become the most important part of her life!  And so it went on all day.  At times I would look at her sitting at her desk, patting the pile of papers lying there searching for her glasses laid down some time before and suggest a simpler, manly way.
She could never comprehend this however.  She may yet be sitting there yet!

I offered her an easier, male, way of working.
This is a simple, easy to operate procedure, one men instinctively fall into in any situation.  
A job arrives, possibly followed by two or three more.  The man studies the work, decides what needs doing, chooses priorities and begins.  The main job is attended to, possibly being put aside while part of another job is dealt with, and within a controlled day all work is complete as much as possible in time and done properly.
Mary is meanwhile looking for her glasses, the ones she put down while going to make the tea in the kitchen thirty yards away at ten minutes past ten.  By eleven fifteen she has still not returned.

Men multitask successfully all the time, only the other day I watched football, ate and drank all at the same time, it's easy!  Tsk!  Wimmen eh?      



Lee said...

Yeah...I guess we women are pretty useless.

I guess that's why, at two different stages in my life, I ran two island resorts (one completely single-handed without any staff - generators, boats, fuel barges, gardening, maintenance, cooking, cleaning etc., etc., et al - not a man in sight to do the jobs that had to be done...daily), but both jobs without a male by my side.

And I guess that's why I was the first and only female chef/manager of the catering and accommodation needs of the coal miners who worked at the coal mine in Collinsville in the Bowen Basin.

I was (and still am) one of those useless women. Life is just not sure deals we women a terrible hand.

And so many of those useless women see pregnancy through from the very beginning to the very end; that's one job in itself that they see through to the end..I'm just saying.... :)

I won't go on, other than to ask who was that woman who hurt you so much Mr. Ad-Man? Who was it that caused you to be so cynical about women?

Who was that woman who taught you how to stir! Was she the one who awarded you with the "Wooden Spoon"? lol

the fly in the web said...

I observed men multi tasking...they would be the ones putting jobs A, B and C on Mary's desk before nipping out for a quick one....

Lee said...

Hahahahahahaha, Fly! Good one! :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Ah Adullamite, you do live in a dream world sometimes. First, you have not read or heard about all the studies that show Woman have a more complex brain therefore multi-tasking is so much easier than men. In all my 65 years I have never ran into a Man who could compare with a woman who is more adapt at multi tasking. Even with your description of a male prioritizing I have found that men are like Mules with blinder on. They do one thing then go on to the next thing but not before they take a break. All Men only DREAM OF WHAT WOMEN CAN ACCOMPLISH. Btw I love men as they are so much fun to watch. Now put on your blinder and finish your job. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lee, Methinks you protest too much.

Fly, I know not what you mean...

Lady, You only meet American men...

Lady Di Tn said...

No Mr. A all MEN.