Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Tribute

In tribute to Rabbie Burns....


Proud partners o’ the deep-fried pan,
Oh whit a boon ye’ve been tae man,
While ower the coonter ye I scan In bilin fat,
Ye are ma prey, as there I staun Just like a cat.
Bereft o’ scale an skin they took ye,
An in a pail o’ batter shook ye,
Haddy, whitin, skate or fluke, ye Couldny escape,
Syne in ten meenits, oot they hook ye In golden drape.
Tae add mair noise an’ steam an’ skirl,
In neeborin pan your partners whirl,
Sizzlin an’ dancin’ wi a birl Till golden broon,
An’ syne like garland on a girl, Adorn you roon.
Oh ecstacy! On plate or paper,
A shake o’ vinegar, sa’t an’ pepper,
That’s all ye ask tae gie ye savour, An taste supreme,
Ye’ll nivver, ivver gaun ot o’ favour, Ye’re sure a dream.

I prefer broon sauce masel...

*Author unknown.



Mike Smith said...

When the chips are down...

Carol said...

Good to see you out on a date Adullaman. Nothing wrong with fish and chips ~ but some of that green stuff ~ we call it salad ~ would be good on the side.

Lee said...

Who's Rabbie Burns? Roger's brother?

The Bard will be very disappointed in you, Mr. Ad-Man; but I sure wouldn't mind a feed of fish and chips...that looks great! I'm a vinegar with fish & chips person myself.

Mo said...

What no Haggis?

the fly in the web said...

I enjoyed that very much...except that it made me long for a fish supper...

Adullamite said...

Mike, Pick them up and eat them....?

Carol, Salad....?

Lee, The Bard would enjoy them too.

Mo, Tinned....!

Fly, I'll send one over..