Friday, 30 January 2015

Snow, Talk, Listen...

This disgusting sight greeted me as I rose from the fourteen blankets under which I attempted to get some repose.  All night great drops of this white stuff had fallen, blanketing the fields, endangering the roads and pavements, and freezing bits left unfrozen from the last lot.  This made worse by my having to go out into this treacherous stuff also.  I mused on how unfair it was that others winge about to much heat yet we have an abundance of cold they cold share, non I note make any effort to come and collect it!  Worse still I could not get my car to start this morning because of the snow.

What do you mean 'not mine?'  Would I lie to you?  wot?...oh! 

Anyway I walked to the museum because of this and participated in a drop in meeting regarding folks memories of the second world war.  This was an excellent but tiring time.  Quite a few dropped in and told of the stories of their dad's, granddad's, neighbours and such like war activities.  So many stories regarding German planes bombing the town, shooting randomly when they passed, and attacking folks working in the fields.  V1 flying bombs and V2 rockets fell near the town or towns nearby, men went off to join the forces and many never returned, and thousands of US servicemen entertained the girls, though nothing was said about that today I noted!  
Evacuees arrived, mostly from north and east of London, some from grinding poverty and remained here, the families not wishing to collect them again.  The child was better off, well fed, and not a burden to a mother of a dozen children who could not feed them.  The treatment received at the country homes was very different from that back home.  It took a while for both sides to adapt but many did.  One thing that did arise was Brucellosis a disease caused by untreated milk.  The resulting suffering of he children unused to country milk led to the introduction of pasteurisation and a more healthy milk supply for all.
The emotional turmoil for many kids is a story all in itself.  While some benefited from being away from the crowded slums of pre war London the lack of parents had an effect also.  Sometimes this led to a better life, sometimes more difficulties for the kids.  Others who were left with a space inside were the children of passing servicemen, some who wished to take their girl back to the States and couldn't, others who just passed in the night.  Emotion is a strange thing and life leaves a lot of damaged individuals.
However we had a great time, excellent cake which my diet would not allow, in public, and met many people i have wished to meet for some time.  Now all we have to do is sort out our notes, type this up, and work out what to do with what we have.



Carol said...

Sounds wonderful ~ the meeting of souls who needed to share their stories and connect again through imagined, constructed, lived experiences. I often wonder how many of our memories are our own or from stories we are told. Have a wonderful weekend Adullaman. Sending some 36 degree heat to melt that snow ~ please send some snow to throw in the luke warm pool. Oh ~ and we get to vote today ~ yippee!!

the fly in the web said...

Just as well you did not take the any sense.

Lee said...

It seems that your battling the rages of the weather was worth it in the end, Adullamite. And you didn't freeze on the return trip home.

Not to distress you I won't mention that it's very warm here actually; but I've been out and about having done all that needed to be done out and about; so now I'm back in and about; and it's about time!

Have a nice weekend, Mr. Ad-Man. Stay indoors if you're able; and keep warm. Perhaps it's time to bring out that blue Christmas jumper again! :)

Adullamite said...

Carol, It was good getting together with the folks there. Memories do alter with time but the gist remains.
If you wish snow please collect all you wish!!!!!

Fly, aye...

Lee, Stay warm? I canny get out for the snow, sleet, wet stuff and cold!!!