Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Paris Attack Today

The terrorist attack in Paris will make news throughout the world today.  At least a dozen dead, constant repetitions of the videos shot by onlookers, much, far too much speculation and needless chatter on the TV and Radio.
This attack on a satirical magazine which often laughs at Muslims, Catholics and Jews, was the scene, not for the first time, of an attack.  This shows at the very least that disagreeing with Islam can cause offence but with a variety of Jihadist organisations seeking recruits and publicity eventually leads to violent opposition.  Middle East Islam does not comprehend western liberal democracy. Lets face it 'Liberal' is not the most positive democracy, just look at the world around you, but it is better than rule by ISIS or some such group.
Islam of course is one of those religions that in theory is based on the Koran, however it is easily adapted to the culture in which it is found.  Therefore Islam in Lebanon has near naked women on the beach, Islam in Saudi Arabia will not even let them drive!  Just where this latest lot arise will be interesting to discover.
Some terrorist groupings can be dealt with.  The IRA, in spite of the cash flowing in from the USA came to realise that bombings would never get them power.  Islamist groupings will never understand that even after thirty years of so called war!  A quick look at the variety of murders in Pakistan alone over the past thirty years indicates that political understandings will be hindered by hard line groupings somewhere or other.  
It is important to remind ourselves that the fear of Islam in the west omits to point out that Islam kills more Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere than it does in the west.  Media outrage does not offer even handed journalism, especially when the readership do not wish to read it, and even more so in an election year!  The man in the corner shop is unlikely to offer danger to his customers, his son, growing up in a western society, well educated and talented in many ways may however find himself debating in his teenage years whether he really is a Muslim or a liberal westerner.  It is such as he who is tempted to extreme views, especially when at that age the desire to change the world is strong.  Far too many have been enticed through social media to extreme views, at least 36 have died in Iraq according to one report because of this.  Many have realised too late their mistake. 
More of this is to be expected in the days to come, the question however is how we respond to this. English extremists will no doubt rush to Islamic dominated areas to cause trouble, Islamic extremists will rush to meet them.  Lock them both up, together I say, and let decency prevail.
The thing to do now is for all media throughout the west to publish the cartoons that upset the extremists.  However, our media talk well but will never endanger themselves so that will not happen!



Mike Smith said...

Oh, I don't know. I've seen several cartoons penned today that would suggest the opposite.

the fly in the web said...

And while we think of the journalists who knew the risks they took, don't let us forget the policeman who was a bodyguard assigned to one of them...the policemen shot in the aftermath, and the 'ordinary'employees too.

I await to see the cartoons appear in the British Press...full size, not tucked away in corners...but I might be waiting a long time.

Lee said...

Those arseholes have nothing to offer in replacement of liberty, democracy...freedom. Who the hell do they think they are? They are as useless as tits on a bull!

They can't create. I doubt very much that they have dreams. They live in envy of those that can and do. Is that why they behave as they do? They are indecent useless cowards.

Energy spent on hate...could so easily be spent on really is that simple.

Lady Di Tn said...

Those who bomb a place because they do not like a cartoon have only a very tiny brain. You know if their brain was gas it would not be enough to run a piss ants motorcycle around a bee bee. They cannot be reasoned with nor can they see the other side of the coin. Therefore, they are more dangerous than killer bees. They are the true meaning of COWARD. I will get off my soap box but I will continue to be MAD at the insane ideas and brutish ways. I think the news media should refuse to report their acts .Nuf said Peace

Adullamite said...

Mike, Aye some arrived after I said that.

Fly, Indeed the police always get shot, and more today it appears.

Lee, What we believe affects how we act. We must be careful what we put into our minds.

Lady, You are right, there is no reasoning with this group.

Lee said...

Is that a fact, Mr. Ad-Man? Tell that to the blind followers of Islam, not me.