Thursday 11 April 2024

The King Above the Law


I have for a while wondered about the monarchy.  
We were all brought up to understand the monarch represented the nation, we stood to attention in the classroom in the morning, saluted the flag if I remember right.  At Cub Scouts we did the same, flag flown, 'dib dib dib' to you mate! The map showed all the bits 'we' owned, it was ours, and we were proud.
By the time we reached secondary school we cared a lot less for monarchs.  By 16 I was with the SNP pushing leaflets through doors, the monarch may have been a 'nice old lady' but was afar off.  
Today all has changed.
Since Charles was forced to marry a dim lassie to create an heir, and her friend Fergie hanging on to Andrew, both without respect for responsibilities or duty, the monarchy has seen much loss. 
Now I can understand the stifling rigidity of the lifestyle can be a killer if you are not bro.  Especially if you are harassed by the cretins of the press constantly, but it is clear the sense of duty, real or proclaimed, that arose before and during the war has been lost with the next generation. 
The old queen is dead, Harry has gone off, Willy has his mum's brain, and both have wives who run the show.  The list of other royal benefit scroungers is a long one.
In Scotland of course an increasing, but not always thinking, majority wish for a republic.  In England many still see the monarch as representing the dead empire and their only reason for pride, so they keep a hold on a flag waving mentality.  An even less 'thinking' response than in Scotland.  

Today I read of the monarchs intrusion into law making, and intrusion extended even into the Scots and Welsh parliaments.
There is a convention that allows the monarch to be informed of any law that affects them.  They can then refuse to sign any law they disagree with.  Now this does not concern things of great merit, this concerns laws which affect their estates.  For instance, a wildlife crime on a Balmoral estate cannot be investigated by the police without royal permission!  Laws concerning animal and workers rights have been amended to suit the monarch.  The beloved queen in her 70 year reign consulted 1000 bills before signing them, we do not know if any were amended to suit her.  Her sweet nature appearance hid a determined woman who sought to get her own way at all times.  Charles himself has already noted around 20 Laws that affect him and his estates.  What changes were made, how is the monarch protected from legal action, how come the King is above the Law?

In the USA a madman pretending to be president has led a coup against the state. The response, eventually, means he has been charged with many offences and the courts are taking action.  In the UK, a monarch breaking the Law can avoid police action, because he says so!  Clearly this is unacceptable, though it has been a continuous aspect of Law since way back when.  It is time for a change.
I disagree that anyone should be above the Law, King or commoner.  A king who demands more money during a cost of living crisis time is not being responsible for his people, his sense of duty has wavered.  With two dim sons (why has Harry got red hair?) an eejit brother, and many hangers on to care for I say it is time to dump the monarch, certainly in Scotland, and make them pay accordingly for the vast estates in the country they control.  
Referendum anyone?


the fly in the web said...

In England and Wales the monarch is the 'fount of justice' and cannot be brought before the Scotland, he she or it can.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Sounds good, yet they say the police cannot enter their grounds without permission?

the fly in the web said...

You could not contest that in England and Wales under any circumstances. In Scotland, it would depend on the status of private property. But as always, the richer the owner the more 'rights' they seem to have.....

Adullamite said...

Fly, Indeed!