Wednesday 24 April 2024

Art, one Great Con.

One of the great frauds in this world is art.  Loved by those who believe they belong to the 'educated intelligensia,' but too often appear only to appreciate what they are supposed to apppreciate, and denigrade that which is not popular with the chattering classes.  In the end money is what matters.  If a creation, for want of a better word, is considered by someone to be worth a few million then it will be considered 'Great Art,' even though a six year old could do better.  I could go over all the artworks displayed unknowlingly upside down, or the cleaner who swept away rubbish from the gallery floor only to discover this was a man's 'expression' re society!  But I will avoid all those.  
It's just that I discovered the 'Turner Prize' is upon us once again.  
The annual opportunity for some clever 'artist' to offer an 'artwork' that makes no sense, describes nothing, yet will be lauded all round and leave him with enhanced reputation and £25,000.  Yet another example of modern art reflecting a dead culture.'

Boarlane. Grimshaw


the fly in the web said...

All too true! Remember the Saatchi 'stable' of frauds? Making a market in Damien Hirst and that unmade bed woman among others....and the mysterious fire at the warehouse in East London claiming vast sums for all the tat that even he could not persuade anyone to buy.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I forgot about the fire. That often happens. The local firemen claim 69 deliberate fires this month in Essex, how many like that one?