Monday 22 April 2024

Monday Maudling

For some reason this 'Earth Day' I am very tired.  The walking back and forth, even in the bright sun this morning to the store, revealed my tiredness.  Spring being Spring we saw a bright blue sky featuring an aircraft bound for Warsaw, Athens or Cyprus passing under the long white streaks from previous craft, this lifted the heart.  Bright sun, blue sky and fearful chill can be good for the soul early on.  Paying the young lass at the checkout is less enjoyable!  
Sadly this lack of interest in life meant I cared little for PM Sunak's speech re Rwanda.  We know what he is saying and we know it is all a lie, so why bother?  Instead I put my tuppence worth in the 'Daily Mail' comments re the Jewish activist attempting to blame the Met police for stopping him causing trouble at a Palestinian protest.  His edited highlights encouraged the 'Mail' and other right-wing press.  This was soon amended when the whole 15 minute picture was revealed and he was seen as an agitator.  Well done the officer involved.
The Gaza situation is difficult, this is not helped by media talking sides, antagonists from either side lying to the public, and politicians taking backhanders from one or the other.  More children died and some adults are enjoying this.
I have no answer.

I filled my day by staring at the screen, discovering that now I have only the mobile phone that this has run out of data until the new lot on the 29th.  I have no idea what this means, but every MB will cost be 10p a go until then.  I have switched it off.  I have however, increased the data a we bit before it clicks in so this does not happen again, until next time...  
I clambered up and down stairs to check the electric meter, misread my own scribble, and may now be charged a lot more from the EON gangsters this month.  To tired to write correctly.
Tomorrow however, all will be well.  Sleep and dinner will see me through and I do not have to visit the Kirk for a long Sunday service as I did yesterday.  A service, a Nigerian childs thanksgiving, and communion, all this followed by the AGM.  All this thinking wore me out I reckon.  In the end my contribution there was to hold my hand up and 'second' a motion.  I forget which!  At least history will record my name on a piece of paper at next years AGM.       
Lots of Nigerians there yesterday.  Who knows where they live, some have begun attending here.  The UK church is growing because of African Christians arriving and filling near empty churches.  This will be interesting.


the fly in the web said...

I pointed out in an august organ that the activist was an agent provocateur and was described as a terrorist sympathiser for my pains. I was going to point out that I did not sympathise with Israel, but was chucked out by the moderators...

Adullamite said...

Fly, Been there, done that. Only the DM fans support this man still. Many I suspect are Jews or Jewish bots. Most people know the facts.