Thursday 18 April 2024

Fibre Upgrade Fun

Between 8 am and 1 pm the disembodied voice on the phone stuttered yesterday.  We will be attending at this time.  Twice she called to confirm this.
So, at 6:30 I was up, washed, stale bread fed, and waiting.  
When they say 'Between 8 and 1' they mean 'On the dot of 8 am while you are not dressed yet.'
But I was ready!
Here I am, almost 11:30 and still no sign of them!
The place is clean, the space reserved for work, all is ready and nothing is happening.  I now go through all the 'They have forgotten me' worries,' while somewhere up a telegraph pole a man will soon finish his job and come to me... I think...

Of course I was never worried.  I knew he would come well within the time.
This Asian telecom man had the difficulty of understanding my accent, while i struggled at first with his.
He then had to work out how to do the job without upsetting the landlord or the Grade II people at the council.  This he did well.

This poor man did not just have to climb up the telegraph pole, clamber about on the ladder at the roof and my window, but also had to work under my dead among the dead spiders webs to install a wee box to make things work.  It took him just over an hour to do all this, and very efficiently he was too.  A good man indeed.  Now he is again up the ladder clambering about for the flat round the back where they use the same ISP and are claiming the same 'special price.'
My internet speeds had fallen to 17, instead of 55.  This I blame on the phone line which crackles, supposedly fixed a while ago it was the cause of many a rant!  Today, once I inserted that long password, my speeds reached 150!!!   Good grief I canny write fast enough to keep up with it!  
Now almost all has been returned to normal, the rest of the dead spiders webs I have found underneath can wait for now, I can return to some sort of normality.

I also noticed the Bluebells are looking good in the front.  Good also that they appear to be spreading, maybe many more in years to come.


the fly in the web said...

Well done that man! A good job he was not frightened of spiders! Wow, what a speed!
We have been thinking about Musk's Starlink but remain baffled as to how to set it all up physically...I could foresee Danilo on the roof with the dish while one of us checks the whatever it is that checks where the satellite is and shouts 'left hand down a bit' probably followed by 'oh lummy...'

Adullamite said...

Fly, I have promised myself an hour hoovering under the desk - sometime next week...
Starflink available here for £225 install, and £75 a month! Good if you are remote. There is bound to be some kind of interference occasionally however, but from what I do not know. Being static may avoid this.

the fly in the web said...

Sounds like a similar's getting the thing set up that bothers me and I will wait to see how it goes in the rainy season before making any decisions.