Tuesday 23 April 2024

St George's fans in all their Glory

The 'Online Mail,' or someone unknown, are at it again.
The 'Mail' has amended the comments section.  A new system, just as inept as previously, has been introduced.  The same people, bots, activists and people like myself who like to wind up the far-right 'wild eyed loons,' still feature.  However, these days I notice an enormous number of names beginning with a colour.  For instance 'BlueMoon,' 'Purplethis' or 'Purplethat,' 'Orangethis' or 'Orangethat,' and many of these support my comments.  This is unusual on the 'Daily Mail.'  I am wondering what lies behind this?  Bots from those opposed to the paper, St Petersburg perhaps, North Korea, or maybe one of the Arab states known to have interfered with various MPs emails by sending them 'Dickpics?'  
Who would wish to increase the 'clickbait' on this grubby paper, why do so, what is in it for them?  
Do these names appear elsewhere I wonder?

SKY News

St George's Day today, a day once forgotten but now taken up by the far-right 'yob' element of England's lower orders.  Encouraging division re Scotland's independence debate has led to a backbench cry of 'English Parliament' like the Scots one.  Of course they already have one, it is at Westminster, and they sit there daily voting the way they are commanded.  
A parade past Downing Street up Whitehall was allowed by the Met Police.  Naturally some of Tommy's Boys have made an attempt to break into or out of the parade, I am still unsure what they were attempting, so once more the 'Boys in Blue' are dealing with loyal English men behaving like thugs.
This does not surprise me.
What did surprise me, and also he himself, was Tommy Robinson the Luton Boy, born of Irish parents and called Yaxley-Lennon in truth, was cleared of his last riot because the judge found the police officer responsible for the paperwork had entered the wrong date.  Something about the laptop battery fading, once repowered he entered the incorrect date.  Case thrown out!  What a chance missed.  However, the Met will not forget, I get the impression Tommy is not one of their favourites, and one day they will do him properly, and this to the advantage of us all.


the fly in the web said...

Why can't they stick to morris dancing....now there's an arrestable offence...

Adullamite said...

Fly, Hee hee, that would be good, and very Patriotic!