Friday, 27 May 2022

ISP Time Again

So, in a few days time the ISP runs out.  The choice now is to renew with these chancers 'Plusnet,' or find a new ISP.  As always things have changed since last time.  Now we know that 'Fibre,' is just between the telegraph pole and the house.  'Full Fibre,' we now know comes all the way from that wee green box to the house, thus not using BT's copper wires and enabling superfast speeds, improving from 50 to 600!  I want this!  However, this means the landline phone is dead.  The local Superfast does not mention Wi-Fi except as an add-on, why?  
And as far as I can see half the town has this superspeed but not the centre of town!  
A quick check of other ISP prices reveals the same deliberately confused pricing schemes as always.  Each one increases you price faster than it increases your speeds.  In the end it may be easier to remain with 'Plusnet' as it saves bother, though the speed on offer appear slower than before.  I may have to phone and threaten to leave to see what I can get from them.  
The 'Superfast' mob will probably have a display at the market tomorrow so I will drag myself around there are be lied to Boris style by their man.  If they have not installed the 'Fast Fibre' they have had it.  I have no time to wait and I will have to use the common folks.  Tsk!


the fly in the web said...

Good luck with deciphering the gobbledygook.....
A new firm has started up locally - not reached us yet, needless to say...and
imwill be interested to see how it works. I like the idea of local, but will wait through the rainy season to see how it copes with landslides,trees down on the lines and the other seasonal delights.

Adullamite said...

Fly, It was not much fun! Good luck with the storms.