Thursday, 19 May 2022

Boris, Met Police,Celebs, Rangers loss


Once again the Met Police (London) have failed in their duty.  The clearly guilty Prime Minister has avoided the large fines that normal people have suffered for gatherings/parties during lockdown.
Once again the MET have looked to their careers instead of their duty.   
Once again the lying deceitful PM avoids responsibilities.
Anyone surprised at this?

The couple who won £184 million on the Lottery have announced themselves as winners.  I myself would never admit to winning large sums of money, though such a stroke of what some call luck has never come my way.  The stories of those who win big are not always pleasant.  Many do well, many survive, some break up, ruin their own and their families lives, and do not enter a period of joy.  This of course does not mean that I would not appreciate the opportunity to have such a large sum at my disposal, but at my age what could I do with it but give it away?  
Large amounts ought to go to younger folks with children and dreams.  My dreams are simple, the trouble spending all that amount would weary me, though the girls in the family would have some ideas what to do with it!  
Possibly the new owners, friends of the Tory Party, would benefit the lower orders by sharing the winnings in a better manner, ensuring more chances to win, not small, but not overlarge either.  
For myself I will remain happily in poverty...  

The ladies, Rooney and Vardy, have been filling the papers all week with their days in court.
I ignored them.

Jonny Depp (who he?) and Amber Heard (who she?) have been in court, remain in court, and are filling the world media while in court.
I ignore them.
Most unfortunate that the Blue Bigots lost on penalties last night.  The wee Welshman who cost £2 million, earns £40,000 a week and could not kick a ball 12 yards past a goalkeeper, cost them the game, and that after 120 minutes of duff football.  Most unfortunate...
Tee Hee...

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