Monday, 29 November 2021

Cold Christmas


It is a pleasure to wake at five O'clock in the morning and find the sun has begun to show its face.  It is not so good when you wake simply because you canny breathe!  The heating on all night, ice cold outside, and inside also, and the air died in the room.  When I eventually ventured through to the real world the bright sun shone wonderfully but the white frost remained on the rooftops and on the edges of the field.  It is still hanging about in the shadows, our first really cold night.  Up north they have snow, falling trees and a warning.  The warning states the weather is bad so people in the South should remain indoors while those up North ought to put on a coat!   About right!

It is also a pleasure to find the postman ringing the bell and knocking desparate to give me my first Christmas box!  It is a pleasure to open this box, unwrap the mountain of needful bubblewrap (well wrapped indeed as any postie was tell you) and find several bottles of liqueurs made from a variety of fruits.  I accidentally opened the Blackcurrant one now and am forced to enjoy it. 
I am not sure these will last until Christmas... 
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However, I have packed several items for transmission onwards tomorrow.  The cards are almost ready also, and one box for my sister, full of trinkets, chox and rubbish rather than anything wonderful, and that will soon be off also.  I like to post my cards on the 1st if December, well ahead of the rush, ensuring they get there without any trouble, usually.  This also reminds folk to send me something! 
A thought that never crosses my mind usually.  
It is still November!


the fly in the web said...

Just tell yourself it is Ribena and carry on! At least it should warm you.
That door ia sbout right.....

Dave said...

No doubt about it, that door is right. He was a joke as Lord Mayor and voters tired of him, lets hope the same happens as PM.

Adullamite said...

Fly, It is a bot like Ribena, but better. Very thick taste.

Dave, I thought a thinking man would like it.