Saturday, 25 September 2021

Market Day Clouds

The morning being gray, cloud covering the land and dampness covering the pavements, it is no surprise to see Englishmen out early dressed in T-shirts and shorts.  One lass was making use of tinted sunglasses, not because of bad eyes I note.  What is the matter with these people?  This happens every year, the sun goes in, the temperature drops and the English dress as if on holiday in Majorca!  Had any of these individuals gone to the Arctic for a cruise I suspect they would dress in similar fashion simply because they see the sun shining.  All that fast melting white stuff would possibly not register with them.

The council have spent much time publicising the 'Saturday Market,' and the wide variety of stalls on show.  This happens several times a year in an effort, somewhat vainly, to re-establish the market in a market town.  The sheep and cattle no longer fill the Market space and instead we have on show today the usual fruit and veg, sweets as in picture, and dresses, among other regulars.  The new 'special' stalls sell overpriced cake, candles, smelly stuff and a wide variety of items aimed at women who have too much time and money to waste.  Even the Dinosaurs on show in the shopping centre did not endear me to them, too small for the phone camera to see.  The kids however, including one brain damaged man in a  wheelchair, enjoyed the Pterodactyl eating his hat.  
Interesting to note the many pizza, beer, and fast food stalls did not appear this time, have they gone bust I wonder?  Not that I care, I canny afford them!


Dave said...

I think markets flourished years ago because what they sold was cheaper than the shops, not the case nowadays.
Those who shorts and T shirts when its cold have a different metabolism to me.

the fly in the web said...

When we were first here the local supermarkets used to have a promotional placard on market days - ferias. 'Feria prices! it would announce - and inevitably be more expensive even than the overpriced stalls. The prices woud be lowered the next day.

Adullamite said...

Dave, That is a good point. The fruit and veg stalls still appear cheaper than the stores, rarely do the rest.

Fly, The regular stall are the same price, the 'special' ones expensive.