Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Wednesday Waffle

This delight was awaiting me as I came home the other day.  Only the Tories and Labour bother with our house.  Clearly they do not know the people within.  It was the phrase 'Conservative Action' that grabbed my attention.  With three years of Brexit inaction, Theresa going back and forth on her knees and the ERG knifing one another in the back there appears to be either no 'action' or too much of the wrong type of 'action' within the Conservative Party.
This area is of course very much a Tory stronghold and always has been, the 'Daily Express' sells well to people in big houses who ought to know better as well as to the 'Working Class Tory' who clearly doesn't!  UKIP made a big mark a few years ago and the people returned to the Tory vote only after an anti-EU showing, many here are not upset with them and with the MP seeking his fortune by keeping in (successfully) with the big names and ignoring his constituents his large majority will soon take a beating.  The upset voter may not bother to vote in this local election, too few do anyway, and with feelings high there is a possibility changes might occur.  
This however may fail as it is impossible to discover any information regarding the few who have put their names down as candidates.  These Tories and the usual losing Labour types apart we know nothing about the independents, it appears 'social media' is beyond them, the 'Green' candidate I have discovered works in some form of environmental work but otherwise nothing, even their very poor website did not mention him!  I say we must vote however with such a choice and such small minded voters it appears the 'democratic' election is going to be a farce.  
Funny how those who don't vote do complain mind.

I was sitting here idly watching some rubbish on the laptop when I realised I had one of these flea things chomping away at my hand.  Where did he come from?  No pets in here, I have not ventured out, so where did this brown beastie come from?  Indeed where did he go?  I flicked him away and ought to have killed him but I am now wondering where he is hiding, I may meet him again, he will not find fodder anywhere else in here.  How exciting, I have never been bitten by fleas before and now I have the chance to obtain Bubonic Plague, how historically interesting!  But stupid!



Jenny Woolf said...

I suggest when you are sitting around doing nothing one day that you pen a little note to the greens and libdems and ask them if they have just given up on Tory safe seats, if so how do they ever expect to get any power? It's exasperating when everyone takes you for granted. Hopefully you will have a Change candidate (that's Chuka and co) appearing on your doorstep at some point soon.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, I expect they have too little cash. If there is a general election they will stand and let us all know.

Jenny Woolf said...

I hope so