Thursday, 7 December 2017


A touch of rain today.
This comes from one of those winter storms that now possess daft names, Caroline this one, offering, they say, 90 miles an hour winds.  This excites the tabloids who offer panic laden headlines with wind damaging buildings and blowing people hundred of miles away from home.  Hmmm it was windy, around 20 mph this morning, and severely wet for the postman who left a note as I didn't hear him.  I suspect he was being drenched and could not wait, I don't blame him, horrible day to be doing that job.
Tomorrow it will improve to snow, blocked roads, crashing cars and halted railways, at least according to the tabloids.  It might get cold here.
So who suggested this absurd idea of naming storms?  These things have ripped up the coastline happily for hundreds of years without personal names so why name them now?  Following the US I suppose and pandering to some daftie who requires to name a storm so they realise winter is upon us?  Bah!

However truly sad news comes from the US where Jerry informs us his wife of many years has passed on after an illness lasting some time.   Naturally he is distraught although as she has suffered much in recent years there is an element of peace at last for her.  It came quite quickly at the end so she did not linger but now Jerry has the worst of the deal.  She has passed into her Lords hands and is safe there Jerry remains longing to be with them both.

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