Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Gifts, Postmen

I thought Christmas was over.
I had obtained all I needed but then I must get something for the girls at work, something cheap appropriate.  However if I buy them expensive (reduced) chocolates we find one doesn't eat them, if I buy wine (cheap) two don't drink) if I buy flowers their partners get anxious (I thought about packets of seed and let them grow them themselves) so it is getting difficult.
There is also a lack of shops.
The best place to look for appropriate items would be in the museum shop!  We have the best selection of such goods in town, though the opposition is weak.  However that would not do.
I may have to travel tomorrow into one of the big towns, full of people, to search for odd items that fit each one.  Good grief I thought I had finished this ages ago!
Life is not fair!

This man visited me today with three big boxes.
This makes a change as he usually just put a card through the door.  He has never liked me since I left because of my knees.  After that the postman's work changed for the worse and he, who rarely smiled, smiled less as he saw me lazing about while he had lost his easy job and had a hard one for a change.  In fact I would rather have worked on but my knees refused, he works on, trapped by women and children, while I am at ease, in his view.  The sad thing was while some had a lot to do this postie had an easy time, the changes resulting from new management meant he lost his favoured status and was treated like the rest of us.  He and one or two others have not yet got over this.
Hee hee!


the fly in the web said...

I remember the days of playing cards early on and claiming overtime for the second delivery....
Do they still have students doing the Christmas post?

Adullamite said...

Fly, Never in my day! Certainly not now under this management. Extra staff work at Christmas, I think my niece is one of them up north. No second delivery now.

Jenny Woolf said...

You could always get the girls boxes of nice soap & gel. They might if they are very paranoid/dirty think that you are dropping a none too subtle hint, but usually most un-paranoid women are quite happy with that kind of thing.
Charity shops with "better" aspirations often have gift wrapped packages at reasonable prices, but you are leaving it a bit late in the year for Christmas. The time to buy them is just after Christmas when the ungrateful recipients are unloading them on Oxfam. to

Adullamite said...

Jenny, Indeed they might think it a hint... I will shop for next year in January!

Lee said...

I've already bought my two special furry mates their Christmas they will be joining me for lunch! :)