Saturday, 16 December 2017

Siberian Saturday

Another Christmas Saturday, another event in the town.
Shivering while playing Christmas music concerning snow and reindeer will not warm up the band.  I hope they have hot toddies at their sides as their fingers must be frozen. The fellow at the back has been somewhat excited by the songs however! 

The audience could not restrain their enthusiasm as you can see, the big man in red emerging from his grotto to listen to the band.  Possibly he wishes to avoid being inside alone with kids in these days of lawyers adverts and tabloid journalists!  Sadly dealing with kids on one level has not changed but on another PC attitudes and neurotic mums make it impossible to be alone with a child.
Like me many men will not talk to kids who talk to us innocently, however if one required help I, like most, would step in, whether others thought this right would have to wait for later.

The market swarmed as it did last week, grumbling people, cold stallholders, far too few stalls.  A very good opportunity to sell the town has fallen flat with poor planning and lack of experience.  Mind you I went to two of the usual stalls and obtained what I required.  I avoided the newer trendy ones as it was home made stuff, jewellery and the like, nice in itself but not for me.  
One Saturday to come, Christmas almost Eve, must do better. 

Note the cheery smiles...

My shopping ended at the sweet stall I usually ignore.  These cheap delightful chocolates in a presentation plastic jar will do the job.  It would have been better to find other items more appropriate but they don't exist in this little town, and I was tired and cold!


the fly in the web said...

I wonder who thought up the idea of making chocolates look like sprouts...or do I have the wrong glasses again?

Lee said...

Today here it feels like a hot toddy...especially while I was doing some vacuuming, and thereafter! It's very humid here today.

Jenny Woolf said...

At least they are trying, maybe they'll improve next year. You see so many places that do nothing much for Christmas at all. Unless you count the staff in Boots wearing santa hats.

Adullamite said...

Fly, He gave me one of each and only when I got home did I look at them. Nice idea, they are good for you...

Lee, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr or is that freezzzzzzzzzzzzzze....?

Jenny, Not all companies like that sort of hat wearing idea. Bus drivers and police will be doing it next week mind.