Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Last Shift

That is the last shift at the museum for this year.
A day spent with a few visitors and a long list of photographs to search! 
For a future exhibition there is a need for suitable pictures and I was selected, no-one else around, to sit there scrolling through and clicking on hundreds of photos.  
I found four of aircraft (it was a local airfield we are researching) and millions of pictures of dinners, VIPs, awards, and a few personnel but rarely a suitable picture.  
When an airfield has existed since 1943 and seen a great deal of action during WW2 and later during the Cold War, it closed in the 90's, many aircraft and numerous men have passed through.  First the RAF and then the USAF of one sort or another have been there and enriched in every way the locale.
We often find US men returning with wives obtained while here.  Occasionally a man will remain in this country with his wife.  
A few decent pics of events, one or two of individuals who may be important, but not enough of aircraft.  I have found one or two other sites online that are better but copyright is always a problem there.
So now, unless I have to meet someone there I will be out of the museum for two weeks.  Closed over Christmas week but how will it survive without my input?  What?....oh!

As Christmas nears the news deadens as politicians run for home or overseas visits and major items that keep the media happy run out and minor events are blown out of proportion.  This means no more Brexit lies for a week or two, few tales of corrupt politicians and nothing concerning badly behaved attention seeking film/pop/tv celebrities filling the news.
It does however mean a TV filled with old films, programmes and assorted junk to watch if the TV means something to you.  Personally I will seek more on the radio but so far it does not sound too exciting, maybe this will change but I doubt it.
It's being so cheery that keeps me going!



Jenny Woolf said...

Surely time to visit the charity shops to see if there are any interesting books to tide you over Christmas. I went to a great Oxfam and found several books I am keen to read, myself. (Well, that is my advice anyhow, not that most people seem to find my advice very much use I have to admit.) I love the top picture, it has a rather grand feeling to it, I think it's the big cedar - that type of tree is usually found in the garden of a stately home. And the blue tones give it a somewhat dramatic look.

the fly in the web said...

Super photograph...very atmospheric.
I suppose you could have locked yourslf into th museum in protest...there must be tea available and all sorts of biscuits....

Lee said...

Now is the time to relax, feet up...drink of choice close at hand...nibblies of choice in hand...and just enjoy yourself your way, doing whatever it is you most enjoy...even if it's nothing at all, Mr. Ad-Man. :)

Adullamite said...

Jenny, There is an Oxfam in Chelmsford but they charge so much for books! I do like one or two of ours as they now offer a wider range than before, it used to be just women's books, no use to me. The cedar stands in the public gardens given by one of the Courtauld's. The choice of original trees was wide and varied and although some have had to be replaced they are keeping them in mostly good shape.

Fly. Locked in museum and be mistaken for exhibit?

Lee, So much for that! I am out again tomorrow.