Monday, 3 July 2017

Troubles and irritants

This is my latest laptop, an HP job and on the whole it is quite good one considering I got it half price.  There are however one or two niggles that are beginning to annoy. 
The first one is the speakers.  You will note you canny see them, this is because these are placed underneath, near the front.  Quite what went through the head of the designers to make them consider such a daft placing is hard to imagine.  I suspect it was a female, who else would think that hiding the speakers underneath would improve the sound quality?  Clearly she thought this would improve the image but image is less important than whether the thing works properly and having the speakers positioned this does not improve the Quality!  With headphones the sound is perfectly acceptable to me but without it is deadened by being underneath and limited by whatever the brute is standing on.  Daft place to put speakers.
Another thing is the cursor.  This jumps around with a mind of its own.  I have played with the controls, touching this and changing that but I need to do so again as the thing likes to move where it will especially when I do not wish it to do so.  I find I am writing on one line and suddenly the brute is writing on another!  On occasions it is writing on something at the edge of the screen for no good reason.  It remains better than the curor on the Toshiba model, those appear to have a bad and I found well deserved reputation, which required constant fiddling.  I expected better from HP.
The keys!  The keys on the old machine were comfortable and I am used to them, these however are not so prominent, do not always click when touched and I am left with missing letters in words, ee what I mean?  Maybe it's just me not yet being used to this machine, maybe I'm just ham fisted?  Clearly the keys do not work as on the old model, I suspect this is how they all fit these days.
One thing I find is that it appears to halt for no reason all to often, possibly to file things away on cloud, photos or on my criminal charge sheet that lies waiting in the FBI/CIA/KGB filing cabinet.  This may only be for a few seconds but it is annoying when busy, more so when on facebook and someone places yet more needless videos of course.  I must look into how to stop the brute hanging like this but Microsoft have linked everything so that mortals like us canny control our laptops.  There is more than enough power in the thing, hardly anything on it, it ought to be faster in my voew.  Anyway I have to use this machine come what may as the old one is passing out.  So I am off to send lots of begging emails in answer to the begging emails I receive daily.


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