Saturday, 22 July 2017

Now I'm Not One to Complain...

Wandering through our exciting town centre I came across a couple of Alpaca's sitting in a small cage wondering what they were doing there.  Beside them a couple of not to keen goats stared at the kids touching them and in a cage were four small birds, quail possibly but I am not sure, no notice was seen.  The centre often has animals but for what reason these appeared was not clear, the place was not too busy either, maybe the animals scared folks off?

The locals have been at it again.  They spend an enormous amount of time looking at old photos and grumbling "It was better back then," or "Life was easier," and "It was safer then."  Each shop picture brings groans that "I preferred the little shops," "Bring back small shops" "It's all Tesco's fault!"  The thing that bugs me is the reason there is no small shops is the peoples decision to shop at Tesco!  Small shops cannot compete with the like of large supermarkets, though we still have a butchers on the go, and he is struggling because so many use the supermarkets as they are cheaper!  
The woman who once wandered around carrying a heavy shopping bag or two visiting the grocer, the baker and the ironmonger were happy to be chatted up by each money grabbing shopkeeper who paid his staff the least he could while dodging tax as much as possible yet if they had to do this today they would avoid it as Tesco is easier!   Yet they still grumble "It was better back then!"  Aye it was as you were seven years old and your mum carried the bags!  
Old photos bring the cry "It was better back then" more than the shops ad I must explain to these dreamers that the old men in the photos are grumbling to the kids round about that "It was better in the past!"  People don't want to believe me, we believe what we wish to be true rather than facts which upset us by removing the dream.  The past was never better it is just our better lives were found there, and we have forgotten the fears, poverty and long hours adults had in the past.  How strange that wealthy fat people long for a time when they would be struggling all day and never give thanks for what they actually have in front of them, we just spend time wishing we had something else, something more!  The rich and well fed are more unhappy than the poor!

What is the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama anyway...?
I now know!  Alpacas were bred for the wool and some meat, the Llama as a beast of burden, camel like.  One male Llama in amongst sheep or goats protects the herd very effectively from predators.  Some are found in the UK I hear.  Llamas are of course bigger than Alpacas.


the fly in the web said...

I was talking to Danilo today, about the future he foresaw for his grandchildren.
One of 19 children he saw his mother go hungry to feed them....that never happened to his sisters or his sisters in law, so that was one great improvement.
Thanks to his mother, all the kids went properly fed to school and all bar one made their way in the world, able to support their families.
His sons are running their own car repair business, and one of them works as a security guard now that he is married, to make life better for his little family.
His daughter is a nurse, married to a chap who works in the court system.
The next generation will be looking at going to university as a reality, not a dream...
But Danilo is not optimistic.

We, he said, could see things getting better: all these youngsters can see is the material world...
How will they cope when times turn down...they don`t want to know how to work the land....I try, but they prefer to play with their mobile `phones.
You can`t eat one of those.

Lee said...

Alpacas are lovely. There are a few alpaca farms hereabouts.

Lots of goats around here, too! ;)

Lee said...

And my apologies for being a bit slack of late. I've been bingeing on Netflix and Stan!! That's my excuse...and I'm sticking to it because it is true!

Jenny Woolf said...

You are right i think about ye golden olden days. I've been reading Mass Observation wartime diaries and sad to say people were just as mean greedy depressed jealous etc except they also had being bombed to contend with and after the war when today's oldies were frisking around everyone was scared stiff about the atom bomb world of the future full of grownup Hitler Youths.

Adullamite said...

Fly, That's great in one way but already they have been overtaken by wealth! It's a funny old world!

Lee, Lovely animals, I know a few goats...

Lee, Stop eating Stan, it's bad for the liver.

Jenny, Mass Observation diaries sound nteresting.