Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ah Summer Time!

We have missed the worst of the summer storms around here.  The other night I noticed, around four in the morning, lightning flashing in the distance, no thunder was heard but some claim it was noted elsewhere in town.  I suggest they were just light sleepers. Today there was no lightning, no thunder just a long shower lashing rain on the unfortunates who, dressed for summer, were caught out walking in the open when it arrived.  I didn't laugh at the drookit men waking past heading for a pub to dry off.
Now, shortly afterwards, the sun shines brightly, the day is very warm though a bit humid and I am once again inside.  No reason to go outside, no money to spend and nothing I need buy until tomorrow.  So I just sit here joining in the newspaper online columns grumbling about things and offering my twopence worth.  Already by nine this morning I had one enemy for life!  Good going I say. 

Is it just me or are blogs being used less these days?
True it is that I have done little in recent days.  I have not got out and about as I would like and there has been little to see in this little town.  Indeed the only nearby event I missed because I was asleep all day!  I know others have been sick, some have changed circumstances and life moves on but it appears from here that there are fewer to read these days and like me they are less regular in their production. 
However from this end I am making a start in doing something about my health, something about life in general and hoping to save cash at the same time.  I may even get out and about and see some of the summer activities that occur.  The trouble with these is the belief that everyone has a car and can reach out of the way places where train and bus do not run!  These often occur on a Sunday also, the day public transport in out of the way places does not run!  Grrrrr!
Being stuck inside in a small town does not offer a lot of variety even though there are events occurring.  Anyway I want to get out and see things that I have missed or did not know about, this area has many hidden away and I need to find an attractive (and not too bright) woman to drive me about so I can see them.

But good news, there is football on telly tonight!
The same to you!


the fly in the web said...

I`ll lend you can ride pillion on her wheelchair with scythes on the hubs...

I have been remiss in blogging over the last year or so...just lame excuses like being off colour or Leo trying to reproduce the effects of a car crash while falling on the kitchen floor...but I do notice that many bloggers whose work I like have gone to Facebook, or have just shut up shop...
However, there is one blogger whose work I loathe who publishes twice a week...the photographs are superb...but the sugary accompaniment is enough to set not only your teeth on edge but also the false ones with which you were obliged to replace the originals.

Adullamite said...

Fly, As I said some folks have been sick or otherwise engaged so blogging is rare indeed for them. However you might have a point re Facebook and the like, some have gone over to that and ceased blogging.

Lee said...

We had a couple of storms here last week...and it's winter here...the rain was welcome; and the cooler temps are welcome, too. :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, You call that winter? Bah! Belting with rain again in summertime!