Tuesday, 18 July 2017

An Exhibition

Having decided to spend cash only on things I actually require and cease wasting money on luxuries I was confronted with this as I arrived this morning.  A variety of new jams and suchlike faced me and somehow or other this one fell into my hands before I left.  It is possible I may have to try it sometime tonight rather than let the jar sit there lonely.

The new exhibition is up and running and the crowds swooped in today, well two old ladies on their way to lunch filling in time.  They and attractive young mums booking places for the kids workshops filled my first hour today, an hour that is not quite so hectic normally.  Before my tea had been served I was busy, as usual by the time I tasted it the tea was rather tepid.  We rarely get a hot cup of anything during the morning.

I did read the condensed story of Harry Potter presented to us ignorant folks and Peggy and I were not impressed.  The idea was to introduce us to the characters but I remain unmoved and no less ignorant of them.  It appears Harry is always being attacked and always wins,just as well or there would not have been several books, several films and millions for the author...

The exhibition looks OK to me, it will bring in the punters and any questions we have re the many personnel will be answered by the seven year olds who will fail to comprehend that we know nothing abut Potter and his story.  Appropriate goods are on sale alongside the marmalade, trails and things to do are there for the kids, and a nearby cafe stands waiting for mum and dad, gran and uncle and anyone else worn out by tramping back and forward round the museum.  

From now until October this will be our lot.  Next Tuesday, the first week of the holidays, we have the official opening and we expect a fair few to turn out for the magician, the Owls and whatever else they have laid on.  The cheery smile, the compliments, the warm welcome that awaited me this morning led me to believe something was amiss, indeed it was as they presented me with the outfit I must wear next week.  I of course refused but felt that somehow I have been compromised into this arrangement. 

No, I don't know what it is either and I am not going to ask.

I am positive these moved through the day but I didn't notice anyone touch them.  I think this is getting to me, I need a six months holiday.

One child at least is interested in seeing this exhibition.  When informed she could not visit every day as they would be on holiday she asked if they could cancel the holiday, mum was not impressed. 


Jenny Woolf said...

Lets see the outfit then. Or are you going to save it till next week? Surely theyre not going to dress you up as an owl.... sounds like that museum has some good ideas with its exhibitions and is bringing in the young folk. Hopefully they will see other things that interest them too.

the fly in the web said...

I think you need a six month break in Costa Rica....
Up at 5.30 to see to the dogs, sheep, ducks and chickens....a couple of hours with the machete, clearing undergrowth and keeping an eye out for venomous snakes...cutting and crushing sugar cane and camaroon grass for the sheep (keeping eye out as above)...drive three miles vertical on a road more like a river if it rains to do the shopping (keeping an eye out for the men selling hammocks)...give lift to Jose who is too drunk to carry his bottle of guaro home without accident ...pick up own supply of contraband guaro from my lawyer...visit at least two elderly ladies on the way home who will upbraid Jose....drop Jose at home...feed sheep again....feed dogs again...
You`ll be a new man in no time.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, She has come up with good ideas, I canny wait for next years show, whatever it is.

Fly, I;m worn out reading that! I'm off to join Jose!