Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Tory Grumbling While Rolling in it.

Oh what a fuss, the BBC pays its people lots of money and folks now complain, what a 'to do!'

In the days of long ago when Maggie Thatcher was king the back bench Tories shouted loudly about BBC bias and questioned whether there was a need for a licence fee, how times change?  The Tory back bench demanded programmes that reached a mass audience rather than just the quality programmes then available on the BBC.  To answer this Michael Grade was appointed and he introduced 'Eastenders' a soap opera that has done more to lower the standards of behaviour in the UK and elsewhere than anything other than Rupert Murdoch's 'Sun.'  Other such tripe were produced and quality has ever since been shoved aside in the search for ratings.
Recently BBC employees whether staff or entertainers have been criticised for huge payments, this by Tory back bench MP's earning £74,000 plus all the other jobs and 'appearences' they make and having a cabinet in which each and every one of them is a multi millionaire. (Hunt the Health Secretary now engaged n selling the NHS to private operators has masses of shares in said operators, he is also the richest member of the cabinet!)  This outcry, taking up willingly by the 'Daily Mail' (Editor Paul Dacre on £2 million a year plus) and other Tory rags.  The Beeb then lowered some of the big names salaries, including the Director General and when this failed to stop the whining decided today to reveal the names of those who earn over £15,000 a year.  It must be stated that many do not get paid PAYE but form themselves into 'companies' and thus avoid much tax (Tory style).
The outcry, much expected and mostly jealously unleashed, was drowned out by that other paper seller the 'gender imbalance.'  This is an invention middle class women have come up with to grumble about men earning more than they do.  So today the usual suspects were brought out complaining Gary Linekar get almost £2 million for a football programme and no woman is anywhere near this.  This argument ignores Claudia Winkleman, one of the worst females ever to appear on the screen gets pad £450,000 for doing almost nothing!  Some blond on the 'Now Show' another piece of emptiness from the BBC gets similar for what?  The number of empty meaningless women paid over £150,000 is staggering yet the cry is there are not enough of them?  This cry often from the women who are looking for such jobs! 
The real reason for the gender gap' (note how we never say 'sex' these days) is that the men are better at the job and  bring in the viewers, in TV and radio that is what matters.  That is also why some women have their jobs, not that they are good but that women respond to them, BBC Breakfast staff please note.
I was shocked to say the least when I saw some payments however, Stephan Nolan getting half a million?  Nothing justifies this.  Chris Evans £2,25 million?  How on earth he gets this I fail to understand, just as Jeremy Vine pulling in over £700,000 for a crap radio show and as a bad quizmaster on 'Eggheads.'  How often he does not know the answers to things I knew in primary!  

When you think about it the payouts are not in media terms excessive.  Had these folks gone to ITV they would often get twice or three times the money, maybe we ought to be glad they stay where they are?  The women whine as always yet never mention the abundance of female newsreaders (Sophie Rayworth getting £250,000 for reading a prompt) and the vast number of women on BBC sport, mostly ignorant of their subject.  I could mention 'Farming Today, produced and presented by women but always it is male farmers interviewed, sexism here clearly.  Sexism works two ways but the women never notice this.  It is of course 'selfishness' not 'sexism' that is at the root.    
The market sets the prices on offer, the Tory party back bencher will wallow in grumbling until something is done then head off to earn a great deal more than anyone in the Beeb, but that appears to be OK.  This does not bother me overmuch, happiness does not come from the cash obtained by fronting poor programmes or getting jobs because of who you know, and this happens everywhere in life.  Life is more than cash and we live well without it, don't we? 


Lady Di Tn said...

The government of both sides of the pond are really in need of firing and with NO benefits. Let them have the same insurance and social security that the rest of us have to live with. I have read several of your post and the Whisk Marmalade sounds delicious also I lol at the rabbit with the lucky human foot. I know I have a weird sense of humor. The last 3 months have been painful more ways than one. My right wing (the one I am prone to use) has not been in any shape to use and trying to become a lefty has been a challenge. 3 doctors, several x rays. medication and steroid shot with countless number of visit to PT (still going) has gotten me to a point I can now use the computer. I am trying very hard not to go under the knife and I may make it. At least I can now see a glimmer of hope ahead. You really do not know how you miss a wing especially the main one until the use of it is impaired. Also, it is a mystery as to how it got in that way except I am on the other side of thirty. Peace

the fly in the web said...

We may have to live without money...our money. I want to transfer dosh from the U.K. to Costa Rica. The CR bank wants a bank statement and a letter stating how long we have held the UK account. The UK bank says smugly that it doesn`t do that....
Now seeking another UK bank...except that they all want you to possess a mobile `phone. Must have shares in the companies...
Were we to be world level drug dealers ...or politicians...I am sure that none of this would be required...
`You want to launder some money Mr.Blair? Certainly...`

Adullamite said...

Lady, You poor thing, suffering like that is not easy. Glad you have become ambidextrous!

Fly, UK Banks are a pain. The use of mobiles is however a recommended safety idea which experts tell me is a good one. I don't use one!!!
You are right that if you claimed to be an MP you would have no problems transferring money.