Saturday, 3 October 2015


This old boy was sitting on this sign early this morning as I entered Sainsburys.  He was cawing in a somewhat tired manner and while a bit wary made no attempt to fly away as long as I kept my distance.  He looked world weary and possibly did not wish to move unless forced to, I know how he feels!  Later in the day he and his mates were soaring high above in the sunshine making the most of the sun before it disappears for the winter.

The Middle East is indeed the place to look for confusion.  The Sunni Saudi's, along with the Sunni Qatari's, have spent much encouraging Syrians to rise up and fight Assad. How much US & western support that was given for this is hard to define.  Iran & Russia have supported Assad, Shia Iran knows the Saudi's are in reality attacking them, and by encouraging the rise of various groups, now interspersed with a variety of Islamic groups, we see ISIS coming into prominence in northern Sunni Iraq.  Southern Shia Iraq merely imports Iranians to help defend their bit.
Because they are a danger to us here we bomb ISIS, we give no support to Kurds fighting them as this upsets Turkey, our friend, who bomb Kurds because they are not their friends.  Bombs have been falling all over the place occasionally on the right people and the total effect is near enough nil!
Now Russia has added their men to the fight informing the world they will bomb ISIS and instead bombing all the opponents of that nice Mr Assad.  
One mistake with all these planes bombing this group and that is the chances of a US or Russian aircraft being downed by the other.  That will be nice.  Who to blame, what will be the result?  We sit and wait.
Possibly Putin just wishes to be accepted in the Big World, possibly he is just a thug pushing his luck, possibly WW3 will arrive any time now.  Naturally the media have taken the sides the government has told them to take, naturally much that is written is speculation.  Naturally the people suffer, die and disappear into oblivion and nothing changes.  David Cameron has spoken, no one listens.

While the Middle East fills the pages of the press wars elsewhere do not.  This old story of the Central African Republic I note has not changed since it was written in January.  The violence has been interrupted by the UN and French troops arriving but it continues yet.  More refugees, more flooding into Europe - if they can get there - more violence, death and homelessness.  The European press does little.  Many places suffer in this world only some are worth mentioning it appears.


carol said...

What a fine specimen of a bird ~ he certainly looks old. Is it a crow or a raven? Is there a difference? Not sure ...

Jenny Woolf said...

Strangely evocative picture of that bird, I like it. I agree about the refugees. I am starting to feel the whole issue is bigger than any one country can handle, or even group of countries. In the past we have been told that the Third World and poor places need to be helped. It isn't just about the economic situation, but that's a large part of it. It's uncomfortable to find those warnings coming true.
As for the wars though I don't think we can do anything except try to stay peaceful ourseves. Interfering in others lives never seems to work for the best, whether it's individuals or countries.

Lee said...

Have a good weekend, Mr. Ad-Man.

It's grand final fever here in the Land Down Under this weekend...yesterday it was the AFL Grand Final (I still don't understand the rules of that game...perhaps there aren't any after all...just a lot of running around and whistle blowing); I watched about half of the game thinking perhaps that's what I should do to understand it; I'm still none the wiser, or maybe half wiser!

And today it's the Rugby League Grand this game I do understand...and Queensland will be the winner, no matter who wins because two Queensland teams, The Broncos and The Cowboys are competing...Go Queensland!!! I will be cheering on from my sofa!

Adullamite said...

Carol, Ravens have a gray neck. This I call a Crow but as these birds flock together they must be Rooks as Crows tend to be isolated more.

Jenny, Dave has set his heart on being a war leader and wishes to get into the Middle East, only the army can stop him.

Lee, That's how to spend a weekend.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

The plight of the Kurds makes me sick. For they appear to generally be a very honorable people, who will be exploited by us to help achieve our goals in Syria and Iraq. Speaking of such, I do not recall hearing any mention of there being a mass exodus of Kurds in the region, Alas, I suppose it is only fair to admit that it is easy to say such things from the safety afforded to the residents of the middle of the United States, but Arlynda and I shake our heads in bewilderment over seeing all of the able-bodied men among the refugees flooding into Europe from Syria. I do not think I could live with myself if I was physically able to fight for my home and ran away instead. Yeah, throwing rocks at he enemy will not do much, but their weapons can be captured and used against them.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, It is a difficult thing indeed the Middle East. As too the men running away I suppose after so many years of war we would all do so. Single men with wives leaving them behind is a tricky one. The Kurds are always being let down by us, but as they straddle three nations it is a diplomatic nightmare. We ought to do more for them.