Friday, 9 October 2015

A Miscellany

I have spent time attempting to clear up all the stuff abandoned in the last few weeks.  This was not helped by having to work yesterday afternoon when 60 charming kids came into the shop.  All well behaved and keen but having to deal with so many takes two of us.  This only lasted an hour or so but left us worn out and mentally drained, and that is dangerous when there is little to start with.
Still the kids spent nearly £3 each and that helps the museum remain open.  This is good as the Magna Carta exhibit brings in so many but we really require things local folks can identify with.  I spent some time today typing up paperwork left by a get together of folks who once worked in one of our past industries.  Some began work  in 1934 at ten shillings and sixpence a week, and they only worked every second week!  In those days women who married left work, or were forced to leave work, and single girls took their place.  It made for a turnover of staff but appears a bit daft to me.  Understandable if they have kids and should look after them but as a matter of rule it is a bit daft.

Would you believe I stopped there last night and then watched Scotland's latest debacle against Poland and forgot all about this.  Mind it was getting late and there was less to write about than I had already written which says something.

I am desperate to get out and practice some photography as I realise I need practice!   Looking at others pictures makes mine look inadequate therefore I need to get out and about but this has not been possible lately.  However I am away for a few days next week and have purchased a cheap android to see if I can put stuff up.  So far it works in many things but not Blogger, typical!  We shall see later if it works.  I may be amongst the wealthy, where the lifeboat poses the houses now cost several million a go, but I doubt I will be invited in for tea.  I did get an invite to a wedding, black tie and rich folks abounding, but have turned it down as I would look like Jeremy Corbyn amongst them and I would not upset the bride.  The twenty mile walk home late at night puts me off also.

One thing I hate is people posting pictures of their lunch!  At breakfast, lunch, in a coffee shop or watching the innumerable bloody awful rigged baking shows these folks have to post pictures of what is in front of them.  I thought about this as I looked into the stew that gurgles away on the stove.  It's food, nothing else, it either feeds you or doesn't, why post pictures every five minutes of what you eat?  There are those who every night reveal their tea to us, I refuse to look or indeed answer, whether on facebook or Twitter as I may say something offensive.  
The things people post on those 'social sites' sometimes appear strange to me.  One lass often posts one or two words as if she is answering a question.  Her 2000 may be as confused as I when she posts 'Tuesday!'  Especially when it is Sunday.   If not pictures of lunch one posts those absurd posters telling people to 'Be kind to one another,' or 'Be happy and accept others, they are just like you' yet when someone lets their dogs leavings remain on the street or doesn't say 'Thank you' she screams blue murder.  Maybe she doesn't read her posts.  Christians are just as bad, ten posting saying different things all of which go over the head or clash.  
I should say at this point that everything I post is suitable for use by each and everyone, all is relevant and never do |I repeat myself, never do I repeat myself.  Some nasty grouch may of course disagree but it is best to ignore such as they.

As I chopped up the veg for the stew, wiping away the blood that follows from actually using a sharp knife, I played a 'YouTube' Beatles miscellany.  This struck me as quieter than the 'Who' track, 'Won't get fooled again,' that I played earlier.  Both revealed a problem with YouTube and Win 10, the sound here is not as good as it was on Win 7.  Quite why this ought to be I know not but clearly it 'rasps' periodically through the song with can disturb the teenage angst that fills Beatles earlier work.  
At Tynecastle Park one day long ago as we waited the beginning of the reserve match against somebody or other the Tannoy played the Beatles 'Eight Days a Week.'  This upset Mattie Chambers the head groundsman.  He muttered about the music and offered his opinion in a full and frank manner and raced inside to fix it.  Montgomery, the assistant groundsman and others objected as this they thought was the music folks wished to hear.  A scratching sound was soon replaced with a ballad type song and a happier head groundsman.  How I identify with him when I hear the drivel that passes for music today.  Surely there is a deep crevasse somewhere suitable for Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift?



carol said...

I love that word miscellany.

the fly in the web said...

If it's any use to you we often have crevasses open up...and close again. If you can get the performers here I can finish the job...

Jenny Woolf said...

That's a terrific lifeboat picture, where was it taken? I'm trying to imagine the million pound houses now in the same place but can't discern the background. Your photos of trees etc the other day were great, so full of atmosphere.

Lee said...

Damn! Now you've spoiled my day and my response! I was going to post you a picture of the toasted cheese sandwich I had for lunch!

I doubt you need much practice in the art of photography,'s definitely not evident from the great pics you post (I'm referring to the ones you take...I know you didn't take the lifeboat were elsewhere taking other photos that day)!! :)

Have a good weekend!!

Adullamite said...

Carol, Miscellany covers a multitude of sins.

Fly, I have given them your address!

Jenny, That is Sandbanks! The Lifeboats organisation are based at Poole Harbour and are often seen practicing or picking people up.

Lee, Keep your sandwich madam. I was NOT elsewhere that day taking fotos.
i was at home...

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I find the great many disagreeable things about most of your posts most disagreeable.

Lady Di Tn said...

LOL Finally you said it. I was being polite as we in the South try hard to be and never mentioned all the food photos on FB. Wilson will always say in a mocking voice, better paste it on Face Book if I set a tempting meal in front of him. I try not to put photos of food but sometimes I have failed at that attempt. I keep getting this notation "your free copy of Windows 10 is available for download but I refrain from accepting the copy as I am still learning the Windows I am using. We are building lots of new tall buildings in Nashville and they need a good foundation so all you have to do is figure out who to put in first. Peace

Adullamite said...

Jerry, I disagree!

Lady, Win 10 is worth trying.