Sunday, 4 October 2015

"Snigger" Sunday

I failed to cross the threshold till dusk was falling tonight.  Not for the first time my Sunday has not been what I wished it to be!  The sun shone brightly outside but foolishly I watched mediocre football instead of striding around in possibly the last sun of the year.  Ah well walking in the cool of the day when few people pass by is a good thing.  The gray like sky was blue when I shut the door but darkening by the minute as I caught the trailers of people rushing for late holidays in the sun or heading back home for work in Edinburgh or Belfast tomorrow.  Flying in the dark is not as much fun as in the day, I like to watch the earth pass me by way down below.

I awoke to a man chattering on about writing letters.  The thrust of his chatter concerned people no longer scrawling words onto paper and sending the epistle in an envelope to a recipient and how awful this is.  Today we send e-mails or even texts, those can can work text or understand text speak that is, and for many this is now a crime.  No more heartless informal e-mails they cry, get a pen and write it all down.
I disagree.
Indeed receiving a letter though the post is a great joy, I received one myself only the other day and after carefully steaming open the letter, reading how much they wished me to pay, I resealed it and wrote "Not Known" on the front and sent it back.  Receiving a letter is always a good thing if from a friend or if it contains something of value.  However since the telephone became popular in the late 60's and commonplace by the 70's and with the mobile phone that doubles as a computer writing letters is a needless action much of the time.  People can speak via the phone or text/send e-mail or just ignore you as they do me.  The requirement to sit down and cogitate on a letter no longer exists.
When a postman I reckoned one day I had three 'letters' to deliver, all the rest were routine stuff, bills, banks, birthday cards etc, as these need papers copies or contain gifts, letters as such are overtaken by e-mail.  
I like letters but I prefer e-mail as it is quicker, cheaper and gets a quick answer, usually!  However if any young woman wishes to write to me in a perfumed £20 note please note I am willing to rush downstairs and collect it when the postie gets here!

You will have noticed how the world is laughing at England just now.  The imperialists considered this was their world cup and took it for granted they would win it.  The bombast over playing Wales fell flat when the Welsh stuffed them good.  Murmurings were heard everywhere as this was not supposed to happen.  It wasn't in the script prepared by the media and the people.  The build up to the game with Australia is best summed up by 'The Sun.'

Naturally the Aussies stuffed them and stuffed them right good at that!  How the tears flowed!  Now when your side loses a big game it does hurt however when you for reasons unknown believe you will win and believe you are better than all the others in spite of the facts to watch your suffering becomes a delight to those trampled by your imperialism in days gone by, such as yesterday!  How the English cannot believe they have lost, how they weep and wail, how the search for scapegoats and demand hanging is brought back.  The fact is it is only rugby and not that important, but it is good to see them suffer, not that I enjoy this in any way whatsoever.




carol said...

I heard someone say last week, the reason why we should get our kids to play sport is to learn how to lose. I couldn't agree more. Valuable lessons I learned growing up. I can just imagine what my Dad would have said to me if I sulked at a loss.

Lee said...

Hand written letters are wonderful, but I've not written one in years. Even before computers entered my life I typed all my personal correspondence. Before computers became my live-in best friends/roomies, portable typewriters were. I always had a typewriter for personal use.

Two of my friends....two very rare breeds (almost extinct in this day and age)...don't have computers, so when the mood hits, I type letters to them, and use the good old snail mail method; but, to be honest, mostly when contact is required between them and me...the phone is the method used.

Email is great; and a wonderful substitute for handwritten/typed letters. Friends (other than the two described above)and I exchange emails often...and some are lengthy missives, too. The speed of delivery and reply beats the old my opinion, anyway.

The Wallabies certainly did shock the Poms! They, the Wallabies, will be sent back to the Land of Oz for committing a crime worse than stealing a loaf of bread if they're not careful!!! :)

Adullamite said...

Carol, There is a time to sulk and a time to laugh at those sulking! This was that time! :)

Lee, I agree about e-mail and the Wallabies may well reach the final yet. The English can stand and watch. :)

Jenny Woolf said...

The "snail mail" these days is mostly bills and advertising but occasionally I am thrilled to get a letter from abroad with beautiful stamps. I got one the other day, in fact. Now I am looking for one of those people who collects foreign stamps so I can pass on the stamps. I certainly don't want to throw them away!

Adullamite said...

Jenny, There must be a blog by such collectors!