Monday, 5 October 2015

The Gardens

The sun has gone, replaced with the beginning of another leftover hurricane sent from our friends in the west.  Quite why they insist on sending their used hurricanes to us I know not but there really is no need for them to do this, we have plenty wind and rain already.  However this means a wander through the gardens without screaming brats or the mothers with their noses stuck up in the air and gives freedom to actually enjoy the plant life.  The only life came from a white cat desperate for attention, I feared he was lost but he soon disappeared clearly knowing his way about.  As I wandered further a second likewise desperate cat appeared and I realised they were missing the woman who played with and fed them.  I was a sore disappointment for them.

Near the round pond a tree has been cut down after more than a hundred years service and some wag has turned the remnants into this seat.  Kiddies will love it but I wonder if it is wise.  Personally I prefer if it had just been left as a stump as has happened elsewhere but I suppose this keeps some happy. 

The gardens were given to the town in the 1880's by the Courtauld family.  These were their gardens over the street from their big house which still stands now turned into flats.  The family were Unitarians and during the 19th century they followed the common idea of a 'social gospel' in which rich folks paid for schools, hospitals etc for the local townsfolk.  Very admirable David Cameron would say keeping both hands in the pockets of his thousand pound Saville Row suit.  It was indeed a well planted garden and these trees rise majestically over it.  A wide variety are found here and various firs make excellent homes for a variety of birds, none of whom came anywhere near the feline visitors.

I spent much of the day listening to the excellent old programmes available, if you search hard enough for them, on the BBC iPlayer.  These included one programme about Austin Texas and the weirdos who inhabit that strange place.  Texans are of course like all Americans - weird - and fail to spell their words correctly also!  Deep in the bowels of Radio 4 I found 'The Roman Way' the first of several on their influence in history.  I would have listened to the news but this was full of George Osborne telling us lies re the marvellous things he is doing as he prepares to take over from Cameron as Prime Minister.  I switched off and burnt my dinner instead.  I must get out of the habit of turning the knob on the cooker too far, it keeps switching on the grill when I mean oven.  So much gets burnt this way.  At least while listening to the wireless from the distant past I sorted out my mail file on the 'in tray.'  I had about six months old mail lying there, much now in the bin.

This comes to mind when George Osborne speaks...


Lee said...

A pretty tree of yellow...I love pretty trees of yellow, they look so very mellow.

With little else to say, I'll just offer a warm "Hello"! :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, sadly the picture did not reflect the brightness of the leaves. It stood out from all around it.