Saturday, 14 March 2015

Morning Cycle for Fuit & Veg

Just after half six this morning I got on my clean, oiled, yet still rusty in many places bike, and forced my knees to whirl me around town.  As the blinding sun rose I snapped with my new camera, a present from above, this bird enjoying the rising warmth while trying to avoid the chill in the wind.  All around the birds were either finishing breakfast or like this one sitting in the sun awaiting a mate. Spring is in the air indeed!
The early morn is a lovely time to be up and about.  Traffic is slight, only those forced to work bleary eyed pass by, and occasional dog walkers, just as bleary, mutter 'Good morning' while following the English manner of pretending they did not see you until you speak.  The dogs are more open about their thoughts.  

'Ichabod' and I have been together now for almost 18 years.  One day I will ensure everything is in the right position and that the gears are at the right tension, until then we travel on happily, but very slowly! These days many have become infatuated with professional cycle racing and this area is flat enough for those who consider themselves manly enough to wear Lycra and tear along the roads for a hundred miles or so.  I worked with one or two who have done this around here, I am not one of them!  The term 'flat' maybe true in comparison to the Scottish highlands however I can assure you there are hills and long slopes which while a delight to go down are a pain to go up.  My attempts at the 'manly' approach failed long before 'Ichabod' arrived.  
Thinking on this in a couple of months the women's cycle race will pass by my door.  A letter recently fell through the door informing me of the road closures etc.  Such a shame the 'Tour de France' came close last year but never passed by my window.  At least the roads will get some treatment and we will all benefit from that.  Canny have a cycle race where potholes exist.

In an effort to stop these virii that keep giving me nasty symptoms I am endeavouring to eat more fruit and veg.  After getting off the bike I hobbled, slower than usual, round to Tesco and obtained some of the goodies from there and the rest from my usual fruit & veg man.  That done I have already stuffed a healthy breakfast down the throat and am convinced this will keep me on the run! An attempt must be made to eat more fruit and veg as it is better for us than the muck we normally have.  So much we eat contains things that do us no harm if eaten occasionally but build up and make us suffer.  No wonder kids go mad with things when they are pumped full of sugar and additives and things we do not get told about.  I am reminded of that biblical king who went mad and ate grass like a donkey for seven years. The reason was obvious, Daniel the prophet refused the rich foods given him and ate veg, he remained healthy, the king stuffed only with the richest food became toxic and the grass cured him, though slowly. I am told this has been recorded elsewhere among others also but have no links.  I am sufficiently donkey like in every way to wish to avoid being found in the park amongst the pigeons and crows early in the day eating grass.  The council would not like this.

Now I have the day before me and my knees are beginning to seize up, I'm back off to bed! 


Mo said...

What no farmers market near you?

Carol said...

You are sounding very up and chipper Adullaman. That is a good thing.

Lee said...

I eat lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables...and raw nuts and seeds. I always have. Touch wood...but I've not had a cold since 1998...and I got one then because I was run-down. It was shortly after the death of my brother and I wasn't in a "good" place, as you can imagine.

So, I've not had a cold since then...and I've never had the flu...again, touch fresh fruit and vegetables...that's probably better than touching wood! :)

Keep piling all that good stuff into yourself, Mr. Ad-Man.

the fly in the web said...

What? No Lycra? It would go very well with that nice sweater you were given for Christmas....

Adullamite said...

Mo, None, just farmers selling farm ground for housing!

Carol, I know, terrible innit?

Lee, I must attempt this but it is hard work chewing so much.

Fly, NO lycra and NO Xmas sweater!!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

If you refuse to wear lycra maybe a little spandex. What ya say? Being a farm girl, we grew most all our food but had to go to the store for sugar, flour and meal. We milked the cow for milk and made butter, we had chickens for meat and eggs, also goats and rabbits for meat. Had ole Dan the mule to pull the wagon. We drank spring water and I was rarely ever sick. Ah, to be back on the farm. Oh we also hunted squirrels and deer for meat. I have not ridden a bike in years. Nor did I name the bike only my cars have I named. Peace