Sunday, 22 March 2015


Champion indeed!  The Heart of Midlothian have succeeded as we all expected but how they succeeded! After the years of Mad Vlad the club suffered a 15 point deduction at the beginning of the previous season as punishment for fiddling the cash.  Vlad moved back to Lithuania (he is a Lithuanian Russian) and soon was asked to pay the government there a million or so that he owed them.  He was found later somewhere in Moscow where he fits in well with the Putin mob.  
The loss of points made it obvious our mostly young squad would be relegated which in time occurred. We then looked to the new season in a division feared to be very difficult to escape from. With a new board of directors a clean sweep was made by the new management team.  Out went many steadfast players, to my and others annoyance, in came Craig Levein and Robbie Nielson with their newfangled ideas.  I was unsure about this, Leveins tactics had been a failure before and Robbie would be his lapdog.
How wrong we were!
Robbie is his own man and the two, along with the board, have worked well together to develop a new style both on the field and in the training regime.  A skilful, hard working approach has brought a result in which the Heart of Midlothian have won the championship before the end of March! Only one game has been lost and by the end of the season it is possible we may have scored 99 goals, at the moment we have a mere 84!   My early season doubts, shared by many, have long since faded away.  Now we simply await the make up of the new team for next year with a sense of excitement when we once again return to play among the big boys.  Whether we do well or ill means little at this point, the Heart of Midlothian people rejoice with hope in the football future.

The result that ensured the Heart of Midlothian return to the top division created such joy that the sun began to fight its way through the clouds!  The world rejoices, as it should!



the fly in the web said...

That should perk you up!

Lee said...

It's good to have something to rejoice well as rejoicing at the battle put up by the sun. :)

Adullamite said...

Fly, It perked up the ticket office, it was closed today, I wonder why! :)

Lee, I'm happy, but I will ensure it soon wears off!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

A angry cloud indeed but the sun punched a hole in it. March madness(basketball) is in full swing with all the colleges playing tournaments. Before you get to the Sweet Sixteen event you are almost sick of it. And now the final game for the championship is the first week in April. Again I protest that each individual sport last toooooooo long and overlaps the next season. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lady, You make a good point.