Saturday, 21 March 2015

Bleak Fair

Poor man has arrived here once again when the weather is gray and chilly.  He should know by now he rarely sees the sun when he arrives.  The shows themselves change each year, what once was lots of roundabouts this year is almost entirely bouncy castles!  The few kids I saw as I passed were happy enough with that mind.  Poor man had three of his expensive banners ripped by a passing thug late one night so already he is out of pocket.  With the weather as it is I suspect he will be struggling to break even.  A rather risky business travelling the country.
This is the only picture I have taken since being out the other day.  Dreich weather has put me off going anywhere.  On the other hand I have watched lots of football and spent a lot of time asleep!
There was a time when I never seemed to have time to myself, now I have plenty.  One of the advantages of my position is the lack of need to rise early, struggle to work by bike, bus or other means, spend a long day with people determined to ruin my life, earn too little cash, sometimes enjoy the life and often wish I could be elsewhere.  Now all I need is a large donation of twenty pound notes to ease the day.  
Actually having most of my needs met, the house with swimming pool is still outstanding, I suspect I may use such cash to travel around taking pictures or spend too much time in bookshops, charity and proper, lining the bookshelves with worthwhile and entertaining reading.  Finding decent bookshops is however very difficult unless you live in the big city.  So many have closed because of Amazon that only the strongest survive.  
I mention this because I am once again going through a 'Roman' period.  I am browsing through Tacitus 'Annuls' as find it interesting.  I bought this in a shop when I was looking for his 'Histories' and was fooled by the one word title.  The copy I already possessed is called the 'Annals of Imperial Rome' and the one I bought was a new version again by Penguin.  Fool that I am!  I still have not got the other. Interesting how Rome was governed in such a manner, the Emperor being almost totally powerful yet spending much time wary of others making bids for power, usually women!  Why Harridan Harman never mentions them I do not know.  
The rich and powerful in the senate could also fall from grace and lose their heads if luck goes against them, today they merely move to other lucrative jobs and write about their enemies. Nothing much changes with those in power, it was ever thus.  Jesus, Lord of all, washes his disciples feet, these men build empires to their glory walking over any who get in their way and excuse the deaths and destruction that happen to occur.  Big houses, vast bank accounts with no tax paid, 'Top Gear' used as a shopping mall for cars rather than watched to see three idiots driving, and nothing but enmity from so many around them, all who disappear when the money vanishes.    
I envy them not.
No news in the papers, just election lies, half truths and deception.  Lots more to come I fear.



Carol said...

Sad about the vandalism ~ send out the posse!

Lee said...

I've never watched "Top Gear" other than probably just for a few moments. I can't stand big-mouthed, arrogant Clarkson...never have been able to stand I don't waste my time watching the show.

But on the subject of "watching"'s Sunday afternoon here...I think more showers are on the a bit of TV watching is the order of the afternoon...I'll sort through what I've recorded.

(PS...Molly, the cat, is coming along in leaps and bounds, Mr. Ad-Man. She's doing very well...thank goodness!)

Adullamite said...

Carol, The horses have started the chase!

Lee, Good for Molly, I'm sure she will be fine.

Lady Di Tn said...

I HATE blow ups especially decorations. How do you clean all the germs inside of them away. As for the other, they are the same as the Romans just in different suits. Nothing changes. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lady, Germs? You get used to them here.