Thursday, 12 March 2015


I was threatened first thing by a couple of Texans this morning.  Now as you (and they) know I am avoiding things just now but still find myself required. Tsk!
Monday saw me in the museum, Tuesday however saw me in 'Costa Coffee' slurping a small 'Americana' with hot milk, whatever an 'Americana' happens to be.  My two aged cronies and I had an enjoyable time, especially as I had inadvertently left my wallet with my world's treasures at home. Tsk!  Still it was almost a day off by the time I got rid of them back home.
Wednesday saw me typing my notes from Monday, which I could not read as my writing was different from when I scribbled them.  This was irritating.  However I then had t deal with more of the WW2 memorial which is still not finished.
Then I had to burn my dinner properly.
Life is so hard when you are taking time off!  I should be taking pictures of the Victorian houses that line Colchester's streets but I have not been allowed to so far.  Tomorrow maybe. 
So here is a film to keep you busy.


soubriquet said...

Just watch it. You may have been threatened fronm Texas, but not by Texans. One's a Red Dirt Girl from Georgia, and me? I'm a Yorkshireman with a dangerous mix of Welsh and Scots ancestry, mingled with Viking blood. It was noticed you'd been shirking, and words were said. My spies told me you were playing with Facebook, and it was deemed necessary to send you a reminder.
Here, however, to sooth your bruises, is a youtube link of trams and buses of yesteryear, set in Leeds, in the heart of God's Own Country, Yorkshire.

the fly in the web said...

And just to haunt your dreams here is a compilation of pics of old San Jose:

With trams.

Adullamite said...

Soub, Please explain why someone who only uses facebook and no longer posts on Blogger complains about someone not posting on Blogger while using facebook?
By the way Scotland is God'sown country, Yorkshire is merely a small county!
Have a nice day y'all!

Fly, How interesting that was! I suspect it is exactly the same today - in some ways! So ridiculously interesting to see old pictures.

soubriquet said...

Well obviously it's a question of me having spent years avoiding farcebook, and now having been dragged in, and a combination of me being lazy. i am, of course, always planning to write a blogpost but find myself reading yours instead.
What can I say in my defence? Not much, really, "Guilty, Your Honour", I plead, holding out my hands for those rough shackles, and being led away in chains, to a dark dirty cell of fouled straw and rat=droppings, deep beneath the 'Institution fot the Punishment and Rehabilitation of Lapsed Bloggers"
I exhort you from my tomb, on this rusty, steam-driven laptop, not to suffer my fate. Should you wish to save those of us poor wretches so incarcerated, I urge you to drop fragments of coal into every roadside grate you pass, in the hope that some fuel will reach our dank underworld, and thus allow us to keep steam pressure in our hard-drives. Keep telling us of the world above. We dream of it, even news of nothing happening on a rainy day is exciting to the denizens of the netherworld.

Adullamite said...

Soub, Oh how I laughed! (spelt laffed in the US).
The image given would make an excellent film!

Lady Di Tn said...

Oh My threatened by Texans. I lol at the fact you could not read your notes as if someone else wrote them. The houses is adorable. Peace