Friday, 6 March 2015

An Ancient Post

You may well have noticed the latest ISIL publicity stunt, smashing up the monuments and buildings in Nineveh once the major capital of the Assyrian empire.  Nimrud, another ancient Assyrian capital (then called Calah) also suffers.  Power broking in the past meant that each Emperor made a city whose priests were on his side the capital.  Nineveh was the main centre and a huge city for it's day. Looking at Google maps (it's next to Mosul) you can see the size and then add the urban sprawl that must have existed around the walls.  With the sudden desire to destroy the ancient remains I am tempted to believe that resentment at to many museum trips when a young lad has upset some folks! Tsk!
It is not unusual for the victor in a war to destroy an enemies architectural memorials. Nazi signs disappeared, often in smoke, after 1945 for instance. Christians and Muslims and other religious groups have removed pagan images on occasion but rarely have they wiped out the entire history of a nation. The ISIL folks are happy to destroy ancient gods that have long since lost any meaning, I wonder why?
Publicity, and bad publicity at that, appears to be at the heart of ISIL.  Chopping of the heads of prisoners, Christians and the like got good coverage worldwide. Kidnapping Christian or other women and forcing them into marriage or just raping them is not news ISIL wish to hide, neither is throwing gays of rooftops. Today we see hands of thieves being chopped off and children watching film of the murders of what ISIL call 'bad guys.'  
Now the attack of ancient Nineveh.
What are they trying to tell us?  Can it be that much of the news is just propaganda issuing from ISIL themselves?  Possibly they think such zeal will entice new followers?  Youth gets excited when it considers the world can be changed for 'the better' by following a movement of some sort, this is an effective movement that has touched many young hearts, especially those who do not understand what is going on.  
Ancient history such as the Assyrian Empire can do us no harm today so the publicity re the destruction is what ISIL wish for.  To what point I wonder?  



Lee said...

I believe anyone with even just an ounce of decency asks the same question, Adullamite.

They're a mob of indecent savages who are incapable of being able to create; from the simplest poem to designing a most complex architectural structure; all beyond and in between.

All they are capable of doing is destroying.

They feed on hate. Hate is what sustains them. Hopefully, it will be that same hate that destroys them.

Lee said...

And furthermore...their actions - their destroying of the ancient monuments which were such an important part of the history of not only a display of their arrogance; not only a crime against humanity, but also it proves what hypocrites they are.

The reason they gave for doing so proves they're a mob of hypocrites.

Jenny Woolf said...

They are full of themselves - they feel nothing can stop them. I think it has always happened, but I had hoped we'd got a bit more civilised now. They're going back to barbarism. People have been writing post apocalyptic novels for years, perhaps the apocalypse will be a cultural one.

the fly in the web said...

Ignorance and arrogance.
But while they are destroying monuments the ignorant and arrogant leaders of western society are busy destroying the values of that society....

Adullamite said...

Lee, You agree with me then...

Jenny, yes they feel nothing can stop them. That is a mistake many have made before!

Fly, That is indeed the case! No difference some would say.

Lady Di Tn said...

If we think about the number of people all over the world, you would think we could unite together and squash these thugs. They have bastard their so called religion, raped, maimed, slaughter, and are just all out barbarians. The latest is to destroy history and to some of us art. The time it too those statues etc to be made took only moments of the heathens to destroy. I for one could line all of them up and shoot without blinking an eye or feeling of remorse as they are EVIL. They may look like men and women but it is only a shell as they are truly a rabid species. Peace will not come as long as they walk this earth. Nuf said

goatman said...

I guess that we have to realize that these humans are not civilized, which is odd since their history is a lot older than ours.

To lose some of the historical record of the ancient civilizations is unforgivable but we are unable to effect a change in the mindset of savages. Same as when Taliban destroyed the Buddhist statuary in Afghanistan.

Adullamite said...

Lady, You make a good point.

Goatman, Their history is not older, they are just confused as to what their history is.