Sunday, 1 February 2015

Stats and Changeover

As I am moving to BT Sport tomorrow, if it works, I have been wandering about amending email addresses removing the Pipex one that ceases tomorrow and inserting a workable email.  This as you will know is a never ending task.  At least I will lose much of the spam that has followed me for umpteen years.  
One problem is the electricity people.  They will not allow me to change the address unless I give them a mobile number.  I do not use a mobile, well I carry one but only for emergency's, as only people with friends require mobile phones.  Therefore the electric folks will not allow me to alter my email, at least their on screen robot won't.  They may have to shout then.
Statcounter however was not a problem and for the first time in ages I wandered about their site looking into who visits me.  How interesting to see people arriving for short visits arriving for anything from 'Old Troopships' to 'Oor Wullie.'  People pop in from Portugal to California, strangers passing by and not stopping.  Someone in Russia was impressed with a cartoon, this one:-

So impressed that his mate a few hundred miles away soon came on to see it too.  Folks in Germany, Portugal, many US states and much of Europe pop in and ignore me.  Few I noticed hang around for long.  I suppose only the more intellectual types would do that.

As I said, tomorrow is the big change over.  Sometime or other Talk talk will switch off and immediately (or later) BT will turn on.  If there is silence for a while it means there is the usual BT interminable delay or I have everything I require except the wherewithal to make it work, which is most likely.   



Mike Smith said...

BT? Good luck with that...

Lee said...

I don't have a mobile. I have no need for one. I sure as hell have no intention of walking along the aisle of the supermarket yacking away on one! My land line is all I need.

I'm not one to be on the phone all the time. Often, I don't even answer it when it rings. So often it's plain and simply an invasion of my privacy, peace and quiet!

Like uninvited visitors, phone calls are a nuisance. That's just my personal feelings about the subject, of course.

I do think it's discrimination and presumption that there are so many companies etc., around today that don't accept land line numbers from consumers. I'm not going to get a mobile just because they think I should! So there!!!

the fly in the web said...

I have a mobile 'phone which I use only to call the car out to fetch me as the bus nears the town.....a bus full of people who've been yacking into their 'phones for the duration of the journey.

the fly in the web said...

Second try.....why does every organisation assume that you have a mobile by which means you can be pestered at all hours?

Our blasted thing woke us at some unholy hour of the morning...on finally reaching it in its lair in the kitchen it proved to be a message offering us more minutes if we bought more still puzzles me as to the utility of that.

soubriquet said...

And I don't have a landline. haven't had one since the mid nineties, obsolete concept. Like semaphore flags.
You can carry a mobile and leave the ringer switched off, the fact it's in your pocket doesn't give it power over you. I carry it because it's the internet in my pocket, always available camera, gps, library, calculator, weather forecast, calendar, diary, alarm clock, watch. Phone? that's its least-used function.

Carol said...

I only have a mobile phone. Have not had a landline for probably 4 years now. Just can't justify the expense. So everything runs off my mobile phone for just $2 per day for unlimited everything ~ calls, text messages and Internet. Will see you on the other side of the void Adullaman.

Carol said...

I know what I meant to ask ~ how is Jerry? I haven't seen him pop up on your blog for a little while. Hope he is OK?

Adullamite said...

Mike, It went smoothly, so far!

Lee, I eventually worked that out, but do not understand why it failed before! Mobiles are great if you have a business or friends, I have neither.

Fly, Indeed that is what they are after, if not calls certainly adverts! You worked second time, must be a fault in the Atlantic cable!

Soub, GPS? Just how big is your garden? And what is wrong with the flags? The line goes down sometimes.

Carol, But you have friends, work and money. You also need to trace that son of yours daily!

Jerry has been in his usual state of ill health and busy on one or two projects. He is a s well as can be expected.

soubriquet said...

Semaphore.... Well I learned it once, way back, in the scouts. GPS though, well, as you know, I relocated to Texas, and believe me, maps here are crap, try buy a map of my area.... there's just no equivalent of the Ordnance Survey maps here. On top of that, the rate of change is prodigious and staggering. Just this morning I drove down a road nearby, and saw numerous new cleared areas in the forest, awaiting housing or commercial building. I did come home past fields of grazing cattle, and fields of growing vegetables, but soon, no doubt, someone will offer the farmers huge money for their land, and it will be gone, submerged under yet another desert of concrete.
So the GPS and google maps in my phone enable me to get easily from place to place, and it stays current, whereas if I'd been able to buy an OS 1:25000 map of here a year ago, it would be hopelessly out of date now.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Your 1st turned up! It was 'awaiting moderation' on Blogger but did not show up on my email! Jings! Folk chatting on mobiles deserve shooting!

Soub, Ordnance survey maps are a delight right enough.
But no decent maps? Time Google got to work on that!